Superman and the Legion of Superheroes – Toyman Review



Catching up on the figures that have been previewed by Wizkids over the past week and a half. The first of the previews we saw was that of Super Rare Toyman from the upcoming Superman and the Legion of Superheroes set (out this February) The last time we saw Toyman was in Justice League back in September of 2007 – this had been the set that was used for the Starro Organized Play Storyline Event, and the first DC set to give way from the classic REV format. It was also the first [DC] set to introduce character cards and Special White Abilities. Needless to say our first introduction to Winslow Schott left much to be desired. Thankfully by now the game designers have a good idea of just how crazy they can get with Special Abilities.



The Sculpt

Keeping with the theme of this set, the colours on the sculpt are really vibrant. This rendition of the character looks to be from the 2008 run of Action Comics by Geoff Johns and Jesus Merino. While it seems like it’s nothing fancy to look at, a creepy little man tinkering away at his work bench, the sculpt itself adds nicely to the theme of the character and what he’ll be doing in game. When it comes down to details this is a much nicer offer than that of what we were giving in ’07 – a midget man riding on the back of a giant Nutcracker. Here’s hoping that the actual product will look just as nice as the detailed digital rendering they’ve shown us.

The Dial

At first glance his dial isn’t really much to look at and even after closer inspection it’s not too wowing either, but that’s all just the charm of this character. Toyman is a single dial figure that costs 81pts. He has 0 range and has the Calculator Team Ability (which allows him to copy other Team Abilities) along with generic Keyword Scientist and non-generic Keywords Injustice League, Legion of Doom and Superman Revenge Squad. The most important aspect of this character is his trait, I Love My Toys! Characters that have the Teddy Bear symbol are considered toys, he can start the game with 1 toy attached to his figure at no additional cost, he can have up to 2 toys attached (the second would have to be paid for in the team total) and for each attached toy he gets +1 to his defense.

Looking at his actual dial he starts off with 7 Movement with Stealth, 9 Attack with no power, 16 Defense with Mastermind, and 2 Damage with Outwit. You can already tell that he’s going to be spending most of his time on the sidelines, hiding in the bushes and countering your opponents powers – though with 0 Range he can only Outwit from 6 squares away. That 16 Defense is really a 17 since he can start the game with 1 toy attached and there’d be no reason to have him start without one. If he has 2 toys attached that’s an instant 18 Defense which will help him stay in the game. Not to mention if he does manage to get hit he can Mastermind that damage off to an adjacent character (which will likely be one of his toys)

His dial isn’t very long, he’s only got 5 clicks of life and no damage reducers so anyone with a well placed Precision Strike (which keeps damage from being Mastermind-ed) can take him out easily. As he moves through his dial that Movement stays at 7 and he only drops out of Stealth once on his fourth click. His Attack stays steady at 9 as well but after his first click we’re introduced to his Special White power Power Boost. This allows him to use Perplex. He can use it normally or if you give him a Power Action he can use it to modify any combat value (except damage) to all friendly toys on the map. This is pretty huge for him, since his toys are what’s mostly going to be doing the work for him. Not only that but he doesn’t need to be in Range, or have Line of Sight to them. His Defense stays the same at 16 (17/18 depending on how many toys you have attached to him) with Mastermind. His final click gives him Regeneration for a chance to get back up to the top of his dial (Rolling a 6 with his Regen would bring him right back to full) His Damage is his only Combat Value that actually drops. Click 4 and 5 see a Damage of 1 but he trades his Outwit for Probability Control (once again not as strong on a figure with 0 range)

I think what this figure is really missing is the ability to create more toys, much like Mastermold (or the new Sentinel Alpha Class) can make more Sentinels, though that would likely really hike up his point cost. I mentioned earlier that the true purpose of this figure is in his toys so let’s take a look at what they can do.

Toyman’s Toys

The toy figures will be packaged in the regular five figure boosters much like the Flock of Bats from the 2012 Batman Set. There will be 5 toys in total, 3 will be found distributed amoungst the booster, 1 (The Teddy Bear) will be packaged with Toyman himself and the final (the one that has not been revealed yet) will be a prize available through Organized Play.


The Airplane

The Airplane is a 3D bystander token with 1 click of health. It costs 15pts and counts towards the theme of your team. To start off the Airplane has a Teddy Bear (Toy) ability, much like a trait. When building your team, so long as Toyman is on your team the Airplane possesses all the same Keywords as him. This was the one thing that was severely lacking with the Flock of Bats (who broke up a Batman Theme team) This allows you to make a Theme Team with Toyman and still receive your Theme Team bonuses. This Toy Ability also allows you to give Airplane a free action when adjacent to Toyman to attach to his base. He can then be given a Move Action to come off the base (and continue his movement). Also if Airplane is within 3 squares of Toyman he may be given a Move Action for Free so long as he stays within 3 squares [of Toyman] Lastly Airplane can’t use the carry ability.

 Airplane also has a trait called Buzzing Blitzkrieg, when he’s attached to Toyman’s base any figure attacking Toyman get’s -1 to their Attack Value for each Airplane attached. Add that onto the +1 defense Toyman gets for having a Toy attached and he just became very hard to hit (if he’s got 2 Airplane’s attached he’s got an 18 defense versus your opponent’s attack -2!)

Looking at his actual dial, he may only have 1 click of life but he’s ready for a fight. He’s got 6 Movement with no power, 9 Attack with Mounted Machine Gun, 15 Defense with Super Senses and 2 Damage. He’s also got 4 Range with double target, The Flight ability (without being able to Carry) and he’s Tiny Sized (he gets +1 to his Defense at Range and he can be carried by any character – even if they don’t have a flight symbol – without hindering his carrier) The Mounted Machine Gun Ability gives him Energy Explosion and if he’s within 3 squares of Toyman he gets +1 to his attack. The only downside is that when he’s KO’d you roll a D6 and on a result of 1 or 2 you have to give Toyman an action token (which really could have been worse, at least it’s not 1 unavoidable damage)


The Race Car

The Race Car is a 3D bystander token with 1 click of health, costs 22pts and counts towards the theme of your team. It also possesses the same Toy Ability that the Airplane does, gains the same Keywords as Toyman, can be attached to his base for free, be given a Move Action to come off his base and may be given a Move Action for free if it stays within 3 squares of Toyman.

The Race Car has a trait, They Double as Roller Skates, when attached to Toyman, Toyman gains Improved Movement Ignores Characters. Toyman also modifies his Speed Value by +1 for each attached Race Car. This doesn’t seem as good as the Airplane’s trait, it definitely doesn’t seem to be one where you would want 2 Race Cars attached to give him 9 speed but being able to ignore character bases is always nice for escaping any incoming attackers.

On his actual dial he has Tiny Size as well, 0 Range, 7 Movement with This Thing Is FAST! 10 Attack with no power, 16 Defense with Energy Shield/Deflection and 2 Damage with no power. His This Thing Is FAST! power allows him to use the Move and Attack ability, however if he’s within 3 Squares of Toyman he can use Hypersonic Speed instead – unlike his free movement he doesn’t have to stay within 3 squares which could make him a nice little zip in and zip out attacker. The Move and Attack ability isn’t that shabby either, it’s Hypersonic Light that just gives him a -2 to his attack, although nowadays 8 attack isn’t the strongest. Once again his downside is that if he’s KO’d on a 1 or 2 give Toyman an action token.


The Cymbal-Banging Monkey

This is probably one of the better looking of the toys because well he’s a Cymbal-Banging Monkey! Like the other toys he’s a 3D Bystander token that cost 17pts, has 1 click of life and counts towards the theme of your team. Once again he has the same Toy Ability that the others do, same keywords, moves on and off Toyman and moves for free when staying close by.

Cymbal-Banging Monkey’s trait Distraction gives Toyman Super Senses with which he only succeeds on a 6, however he gets +1 to his roll for each Monkey he has attached (which is a really convoluted way of saying that he can use super senses but if he has 2 Monkeys he succeeds on a 4, 5 or 6) Still not my favourite special power from one of his toys but it can be useful to have an 18 defense with Super Senses that succeeds fifty percent of the time.

Dial wise the Monkey has Tiny Size as well with 0 Range. He’s got a 4 Movement with no power, 9 Attack with Thunderclap, 16 Defense with Close Combat Reflexes and 1 Damage with no power. Thunderclap allows him to Quake as a free action if he ends his movement next to an opposing figure along with the same KO’d action token to Toyman clause that the other toys have. This is probably one of my favourite Toy dials. He doesn’t move very far but that free action Quake can be a lot of fun, especially since it overrides his 1 damage, not to mention his Defense jumping up to an 18 in Close Combat.


The Teddy Bear

Finally we have the Teddy Bear. Don’t be discouraged by him being listed as a Super Rare, he’s going to be the toy that’s packaged with Toyman himself. He’s a 3D bystander token that costs 14 pts has 1 click of health and counts towards your team for theme. He has the same Toy Ability as the rest of the toys, same Keywords as Toyman, can attach to his base for free when adjacent, can take a Move Action to come off and can move for free while staying within 3 squares of Toyman.

Teddy Bear’s trait Extra Stuffing reduces damage dealt to Toyman by -1 for each Teddy Bear Attached. This one’s going to be a rare one to see more than one Teddy Bear running around. Since he comes with Toyman, he’s going to be the hardest to get duplicates of.

On Teddy Bear’s dial he has Tiny Size and 0 Range. He’s got 5 Movement with no power, 9 Attack with Hidden Explosives, 16 Defense with no power and 1 Damage with Shape Change. His Hidden Explosives power is a little wordy but it breaks down as such, give Teddy Bear a move action, after he moves he can use Pulse Wave for free with a Range of 6, after that’s resolves he KO’s. This power also has the same KO clause that the others do. The Teddy Bear seems like a sort of last ditch effort, throw him out and blow things up, trying to do 1 penetrating (since Pulse wave ignores everything) to as many characters as possible. I’m also very amused by the fact that a stuffed (with explosives!) Teddy Bear has Shape Change. I know Thematically it’s supposed to represent the Bear being too cute to attack but really, just imagine it turning into a piece or garbage or something! (Well I thought it was funny . . . )

Overall Toyman is one of those fun characters, he doesn’t bring a whole lot to the game but it will definitely be fun to be wielding an army of little toys. Ideally you’d want two of each toy (except maybe the Teddy, just based on the exclusivity of it) to give you options on what sort of bonuses you’d want to give to Toyman, especially being able to adapt to the situation. None of the toys are really big attackers themselves and look as though they’re best suited to keep close to Toyman and keep him in the game longer so you can utilize his Outwit. I think players are going to have more fun collecting the little toys than they will actually fielded them – at least the players I know.


Married With Clix Game 22 – 500pts


Sorry for the delay on videos, for those not following us on Facebook we’re moving next weekend and things have been crazy hectic around the house so we haven’t been able to film as often as we usually do.

So without further ado, we bring you Game 22 – 500pts Figure Factory Versus Solider. Jason gives a taste of what the true build of Figure Factory can do while Amber staves him off with the soldiers of the video game verse.

Days of Future Past – Sentinel Scenario Pack Review Part 2


~*~ Amber


Continuing on with the Review of the newly announced Sentinel Scenario Pack for the upcoming Days of Future Past set we take a look at the Sentinel itself. The Sentinel has been a staple since the very first set of Heroclix. We first saw one sold separately alongside Infinity Challenge and was one of the first Colossals to be introduced into the game. Since then, there have been 13 different Sentinels to come out which includes Nimrod, Mastermold, Omega (humanoid Sentinel) and my favourite the Wild Sentinel Bystander token. So when it comes to Sentinels, you’ve got to do a lot to make us feel like we’re getting something new and this time, I think they’ve done it. The biggest thing to keep in mind for this figure is that it has two dials, not that it has two versions but two dials. One will be your standard combat stats representing you character on the map while the other will act similar to the resources we’ve been seeing so much of and will grant your Sentinel it’s special abilities.

The Sculpt



As I mentioned we’ve seen all ranges of Sentinels. These ones are from the distant Dystopian Future where they essentially rule but they’ve also seen better days. While it shows two different sculpts there is still only one Sentinel in this pack. However, much like the Sentinels we saw in Giant Sized X-men, this bad boy comes with changeable parts. I imagine this being entertaining for about five minutes when you first open the pack. Although this does allow you to know your Sentinel from your opponent’s or even if you happen to be fielding more than one of them you can give yourself a visual cue as to which one is which. I think they’re pretty cool looking, nothing really new though. We’ve seen Days of Future Past before, we’ve seen Sentinels before, we’ve seen Sentinel’s with changeable parts before. I think I’m just going to use these in place of the Special Objects that are coming in this Scenario pack (see part 1)

The Dial – Alpha Class Sentinel Attack Mode


The Attack Version of the Alpha Class Sentinel can be played at 350, 250 or 150pts. To play the Attack version you place the Sentinel Sculpt on the Attack dial G001 and turn it to whichever starting line corresponds with the point value you paid for him (350 click 1, 250 click 5, 150 click 10) then on your side bar you place the other dial G002 and turn it to the black starting line and blue click 1. Much like a resource this dial will let you know what special powers and modifiers your Sentinel has.

First we’ll look at the Attack Program Dial G002. This dial has 6 clicks to correspond to a 6 sided die (commonly referred to in the game as a D6) At the beginning of your turn you will roll a D6 to determine which Program your Sentinel will be running. Your Special White Powers that would normally show up on a character’s dial will be found here. In addition if there is a Standard Power that shows up without a black border your Sentinel may use that power and if a Standard Power shows up with a Black Border your Sentinel gets +1 to their attack when targeting a figure that can use that power.

Roll 1 – On click one of your Program dial you will see a borderless Silver square in the movement slot, a Special White power in the Attack slot, nothing in the defense slot and a bordered gold square in the damage slot. This gives your Sentinel Running Shot, Secondary Threat Analysis and +1 attack when targeting characters that can use Perplex. The Running Shot is always a good power to have especially on a Colossal (not to mention one that has 9 range and 3 targets) The Secondary Threat Analysis gives your Sentinel Incapacitate as free action if they have two tokens (not hard to do with when he’s Indomitable)

Roll 2 – On click 2 of your Program dial you’ll see a borderless Green square in the movement slot, Special White power in the Attack slot, nothing in the defense slot and a Black Bordered Light Blue square in the Damage slot. This grants your Sentinel Charge (another great move and attack power though not as potent as Running Shot for this figure) Secondary Threat Analysis again and a +1 against anyone that can use Probability Control.

Roll 3 – On click 3 of your Program dial you’ll see a borderless Silver Square in the movement slot, a bordeless Red square in the attack slot, a Black Bordered square in the Defense slot and Special White Power in the damage slot. This will give your Running Shot, Blades/Claws/Fangs and you’re introduced to Threat Engagement Package which gives your Sentinel the Multiattack ability. Once again the Running Shot is rather strong for this figure. The BCF feel out of a place but may help in a pinch if you’re currently based to an opposing figure (though I’ve always felt like BCF’s a better late dial power for when your damage starts to dip. When you’re already doing 3 or more damage it doesn’t seem worth the risk) You’re also getting +1 attack against characters with Toughness.

Roll 4 – On click 4 of your Program dial you’ll see almost the same as click 3 but the Attack slot is Green and the Black Border in the Defense Slot is around a yellow square. This click gives you Charge, Blades/Claws/Fangs, Threat Engagement Package and +1 against characters with Defend. Having Charge with BCF is always fun, especially if you’re rolling to this click later in the game when your damage has started to drop.

Roll 5 – On click 5 you’ll see a borderless Silver square in the Movement slot, borderless yellow square in the Attack slot, Special White Power in the Defense slot and borderless red square in the Damage slot. This click is probably my favourite so far, you’re given Running Shot and Pulse Wave (which are awesome in conjunction) Range Combat Expert (in case you don’t feel like moving) and you see Inertial Retaliation Field for the first time which is a whacked out version of Mystics. When the Sentinel takes damage from an attack he deals penetrating damage equal to half the damage he took back to the attacker (beware anyone trying to do a lot of damage to an Attack Sentinel on this click)

Roll 6 – On click 6 you’ll see a borderless Green square in the Movement slot, borderless yellow square in the Attack slot, Special White power in the Defense Slot and borderless Purple square in the damage slot. This click is a whole whack of odd powers. None of them really work together and you have to just assess the situation and figure out which would be the best to use. You’ve got Charge for move and attack, Pulse Wave for taking on more than one figure or Close Combat Expert for when you’re in the thick of it. Inertial Retaliation Field returns but that’s only really important for when you’re under attack, not doing the attacking.

Now that that’s out of the way we can actually look at the dial. Since the Program dial is random, we’ll just look at the Sentinel’s dial separate of it. Any kind of strategy based on the Program dial would be hopeful and pure speculation.

The lowest Sentinel is at 150pts which will give it 7 clicks of life, not an entirely impressive amount of clicks for the value but he can fit well on Sentinel Themed teams (say him and 150pt Nimrod?) His first click starts off with 10 Movement with Plasticity, 11 Attack with Poison, 15 Defense with Barrier, and 5 Damage with no powers. The first thing I’m sure everyone will notice is just how low the Sentinel’s defense is, and given the fact that he has no Damage Reducers (even his Program Dial doesn’t grant any) at 7 clicks of life one or two well placed hits can knock him out of the game before he even starts it. That being said his other combat values aren’t anything to sneeze at. 10 movement is on the big side these days and a Colossal with Plasticity is all about ruining your day. Now combine that Plasticity with Poison and he’s ready to start annoying the crap out of people. Then while he’s there he’s dealing 5 damage with an 11 Attack, which is above average. As his Dial moves along (if he lives long enough to see the rest of his dial) his 10 Movement stays pretty consistent, it dips to an 8 for 2 clicks but then bounces back to a 10 for his last click. His Plasticity turns to Sidestep 3 clicks in which gives him some extra mobility (combined with the constant Move and Attack powers he gets on his Program Dial) His attack drops from an 11 to a 10 for 3 clicks then ramps up to finish him off with a 12 attack (something a little more common for a Colossal) He keeps the Poison for 3 clicks then has 2 clicks of Energy Explosion (with 9 Range and 3 targets that’s spelling disaster for anyone turtling against you) His defense is the sore spot for this figure, he peaks at a 16 for three clicks but finishes off with 15 for the rest of his dial and that Barrier is only around for 3 clicks before giving way to a powerless Defense the rest of his dial. His damage never gains a power and dips from that opening 5 to a 4 then a 3 and then reverses back up to finish on a 5.

The 250pt version gives him 5 more clicks of life making his dial 12 clicks long, much better for the cost though he’s not about to start starring in any tent pole armies at the 300pt level any time soon. The opening click on this version shows a completely different power set save for Plasticity. He’s got an 8 Movement with Plasticity, 12 Attack with Penetrating/Psychic Blast, 16 Defense with Close Combat Reflexes and 4 Damage with no power. This is where his Sharpshooter really shines, keeping in close you use Plasticity to keep your opponent there while upping your own defense to an 18 and you can still utilize your Penetrating/Psychic Blast while based. His Movement stays at 8 for most of this version before jumping to 10 and leading into his 150pt version. He’s got 1 click of Plasticity (hopefully you’ve done your damage before getting hit off your starting click) followed by 2 clicks of Flurry (still good for keeping him in close) then 2 clicks of nothing. His Attack stays at 12 for 3 clicks then drops to 11 for the remainder of this portion of his dial. The Penetrating/Psychic Blast is quickly traded for Precision Strike (great for going up against enemies with Damage Reducers) then 1 click of nothing. His Defense jumps up to 17 before winding back down to 16 and finally to 15. He keeps his Close Combat Reflexes for 3 clicks before gaining Energy Shield/Deflection. His Damage stays even at 4 for most of this version but spikes up to 5 near the end. While his opening click doesn’t have a power, he soon gains Battle Fury which unfortunately will keep him from making any Ranged Attacks (hopefully you don’t wind up with Running Shot on your Program Dial) but it also allows you to ignore Mind Control and Shape Change which is a fair enough trade off considering after your first click on this version you really want to be in close combat anyway. For the last 2 clicks that Battle Fury is swapped with Ranged Combat Expert, just as your Damage spikes to 5 with an 11 Attack. 7 Damage you say? Don’t mind if I do!

The Alpha Class Attack Sentinel finishes off at 350pts which will be ideal for those higher point Battles. This top version gives you 16 clicks of life and that opening click is just deadly. He starts off with 8 Movement with Plasticity, 13(!) Attack with Pulse Wave, 16 Defense with Invincible (the first and only time you see a damage reducer on his dial) and 6 Damage with Exploit Weakness. Now this, this is a Sentinel. Once again that Plasticity is good for getting in close to your opponents and ruining their day. 13 Attack with Pulse Wave is just, ouch! Better hope you’re not the only person standing in front of that guy (Poor, poor Wolverine) The 16 Defense is still on the low side but it’s also matched with Invincible so at least you won’t lose too many clicks of health right of the bat like you would with the lower point versions. That 6 damage with Exploit Weakness is primed and ready to ruin even the hardiest of foes (great time to get your Multiattack ability from your Program Dial) This version keeps it’s Movement at 8 with Plasticity which will make him a piece that will be annoying to deal with and get around while he lays down the pressure at Close Combat. His attack stays steady at 13 for 2 clicks then only drops to 12 for the remaining 2 clicks this version offers. That deadly Pulse Wave is quickly replaced with Energy Explosion (which is just as deadly) and finishes off with 1 click of Penetrating/Psychic Blast to lead into his 250pt version. His Defense, much like his lower point versions, stays low with 16, 1 click of 15 then goes back up to 16. That 1 click of Invincible is quickly traded for Energy Shield/Deflection which tempts you out of Close Combat and finally switches back to Close Combat Reflexes. His Damage steadily dips from 6 to 5 and then ends with 4, that Exploit Weakness sticks around for a second click before he gains Probability Control (of all things)

Overall this Sentinel is an interesting piece. His Combat Values can be impressive at times but he does seem to lose a lot with such a low defense and only 1 click (out of 16) offering you a damage reducer. He’s definitely better suited at his top value of 350pts but he may not be an uncommon sight at the 150pt value either.

At any point in the game if he has two action tokens you may give him a free action to change him to his Defense Mode, so even if you didn’t start the game with him in Defense Mode you can still try it out. One strategy that was suggested was switching over to the Defense Mode to heal him up then switching back (since the Attack Mode can’t be healed) When switching him over you would physically remove the sculpt from the current dial and place him into the second dial you have in your side bar, you then click him to the same click number that he was on for the Attack Mode (so if you were on Attack Mode click 7 go to Defense Mode click 7) The Attack Mode dial is then put in your side bar and you roll a D6 to find out what click to put your new Program Dial on.

The Dial – Alpha Class Sentinel Defense Mode


Thankfully we’ve already gone through the basics with the Attack Mode so we don’t have to go through them again. The Defense Mode works just like the Attack Mode did, with a few minor differences. The biggest being if he makes an Attack you have to deal him one unavoidable damage directly afterwards. Secondly since he’s the Defense version of the other Sentinel whenever a black bordered power shows up on the Program Dial instead of gaining +1 Attack against any character with that power your Defense Sentinel is not able to be targeted by any character using that power. So onto what your Defense Program Dial does for you.

Roll 1 – On click one of the Program dial you gain his Special White Defense Power Sentinel Shield. This grants him Mastermind and any friendly characters with the Robot keyword 4 squares away are considered adjacent. Now easily this is supposed to be him using mini Sentinels as a ‘Robot Shield’ but unless you planned to field him with little Sentinels running around this may not be to your advantage (until you get to his Summon Reinforcements power) This click also makes him unable targeted by any character using Charge.

Roll 2 – On click two of the Program dial he gains Defend and his Special White Movement Power Stealth Field which is essentially Stealth next to blocking, like camoflague. If he’s adjacent to blocking terrain (not specific, may be indoor or outdoor) lines of fire to him are blocked. He also won’t be able to be targeted by Incapacitate.

Roll 3 – Click three of the Program Dial is almost identical to click two. You gain Defend and Stealth Field. Instead of Incapacitate you can’t be targeted by Penetrating/Psychic Blast. This is a decent click to land on. Your minions or any other friendly character for that matter, gets your defense, lines of fire can’t be drawn to you if you’re adjacent to blocking terrain and if you’re not your opponent can’t P/PB you.

Roll 4 – On click four of the Program dial he gains his Special White Attack Power Inhibitor Field which is awesome. Characters within 6 squares are unable to be given power actions. You don’t realize how much of the map is covered by 6 squares (nor how many powers are actually power actions) until you have to go up against something like this. He also gains Invulnerability. He can still be targeted by any and all powers but at least you’ve got a damage reducer to slow things down.

Roll 5 – Click 5 is click 4 on caffeine. You still get Inhibitor Field and Invulnerability but now you can’t be targeted by Running Shot. So anyone inside your 6 square bubble can’t Charge, Running Shot, Hypersonic Speed to get to you but they also can’t Running Shot (outside of the bubble) to get to you either. Pretty solid click and probably my favourite of the Program dial.

Roll 6 – On click six of the Program dial you gain Impervious and the Special White Damage Power Summon Reinforcements. When he has 1 action token you can give him a power action to place DoFP #001 Sentinel adjacent to him on it’s orange starting line (this suggests it won’t be at full strength but hey you also didn’t have that figure on the board a moment ago) To top this click off you also can’t be targeted by Hypersonic Speed.

Just like the Attack Mode version the Defense Mode can be played at 150pts, 250pts and 350pts.This is one of those figures that will really show your play style. I know I’ll be playing him at his 150pt line but it takes either a really big team or a lot of strategy to invest so many points (250 or 350) into a figure that doesn’t really attack (or rather one that attacks to it’s own detriment)

At the 150pt the Defense Sentinel has 7 clicks of life. He’s still Indomitable but unlike the Attack version his Range is only 4 with a single target. His first click starts him off with 8 Movement with no powers, 8 Attack with Incapacitate, 19 Defense with Energy Shield/Deflection and 2 Damage with no powers. Keep in mind this is really meant to be a defensive figure not an offensive figure so what’s the most important about this click is that 19 Defense that will go up to a 21 at Range. Even though he doesn’t have any damage reducers he’s going to be one hard figure to hit. His Movement stays at 8 for a second click then dips to 7 where it stays for the rest of his dial. For 3 clicks in the middle he gains Sidestep to aid him in his quest to shut down your team. His attack stays pretty steady at 8 and spikes up to a 9 at one point before dropping to a 7 and finishing off with an 8 once more. He keeps Incapacitate for 2 clicks before gaining 3 clicks of Steal Energy (keep in mind your sequencing for this part of his dial, if he attacks he’s dealt 1 penetrating damage after actions resolve. The health gain from Steal Energy happens as part of the action, so he would heal 1 then be dealt 1. This gives him a 3 click window to make attacks without worrying about damaging himself) His Defense stays at 19 for 3 clicks drops to 18 for 2, then jumps back up to 19 and finishes with a whopping 20. That Energy Shield/Deflection is replaced with Barrier after 2 clicks which is then traded off for 3 whole clicks of Regeneration giving him a chance to get back up to the top of his dial.

The 250pts version adds 5 clicks to 150pt version giving him 12 clicks of life in total. Again, he’s just a defensive robot and his new power set still reflect this. His starting click gives him 7 Movement with Mind Control, 8 Attack with Incapacitate, 19 Defense with Close Combat Reflexes and 2 Damage with Probability Control. It’s unfortunate that his Range is only 4 for that Mind Control and Incapacitate but as his Defense power suggests he should be in Close Combat and his Probability Control will be extended to 6 thanks to the power itself. Mind Control is probably one of the more fun defensive abilities to play with, why should I attack when I can just make you attack each other? Incapacitate is also a really good one especially with the newest changes made to it (which gives 1 penetrating damage to an opposing figure if they already have 2 action tokens) his Close Combat Reflexes are going to make him hard to hit and Probability Control, well that’s always just a nice power to have, especially on a Colossal who can pretty much see everything (unless you’re on the other side of that building) His Movement stays at 7 for 3 clicks before jumping up to 8 for 2 and his Mind Control is lost after 1 click to be replaced with Stealth for 3 clicks (I’m always really amused when big figures have stealth, just imagine that Sentinel hiding behind a bush) His attack still isn’t anything to write home about, it stays at 8 for 3 clicks then drops to 7 for the remaining 2. His Incapacitate turns to Smoke Cloud for 3 clicks (remember anyone inside the Smoke Cloud gets -1 attack) then switches back to Incapacitate. His Defense stays high with 19 for 2 clicks then lends to 3 clicks of 18 and those Close Combat Reflexes he has for 2 clicks switch to 3 clicks of Regeneration once again giving him a chance to get back up to that awesome first click of his. His Damage drops to 1 for 2 clicks then finishes off with 2. His Probability Control is swiftly replaced with Perplex and he’s left with no power on the final click of this version.

The top tier 350pt version of the Defense Mode Sentinel gives you 16 clicks of life but still feels like a big point support piece that doesn’t belong with the big boys. This version will likely see the most play when the Attack version needs some healing and why not, it has 8 clicks of Regeneration, with a few good rolls you could easily bring him back to full strength. That being said looking at the beginning of the 350pt dial you start off with 8 Movement with Force Blast, 9 Attack with Poison, 20 Defense with no power and 2 Damage with Perplex. Again these are the kind of stats that make you wonder how big your army is if you’re willing to put 350pts into a Perplex machine. The Force Blast is nice for defensive maneuvers forcing your opponent away from you without having to roll an attack and if you’re lucky you might even slam them into a wall and deal them damage. That poison is another really fun defensive power, dealing damage without having to roll a die. It’s a shame that there’s no defense power to start him off with but with a 20 Defense they do have to work to hit him in the first place and that perplex could always be useful to make yourself that much harder to hit if not help out any other figures you might have on your team. This version adds 4 clicks to the 250pt version. You get 2 clicks of 8 movement and 2 clicks of 7 with 2 clicks of Force Blast and 2 of the ever enjoyable Mind Control. His Attack stays at 9 until the final click where it drops to 8 and that poison sticks around for 2 clicks to be replaced with 2 clicks of Incapacitate. His 20 Defense sticks around for a second click before dropping to 19 where he picks up another set of Regeneration.

This version of the Sentinel is definitely interesting. I’m not sure how many people will initially field it but with so much Regeneration it’s not hard to see that you could easily switch around the dials to utilize all that healing potential (I suggest trying to memorize which clicks that power shows up on – 3,4,7,8,9,12,13,14) as the Defense Mode can be switched back to the Attack Mode in the same manner. Overall though, looking at both of them, while not game breaking or meta-bait they definitely did a good job making these thematic while interesting enough for players to want to field.

Days of Future Past – Sentinel Scenario Pack Review Part 1


~*~ Amber


Much like Clix Days of Yore, the upcoming Days of Future Past set will feature a sold separately Sentinel Pack (though this time around we aren’t going to get a Colonel Logan or The Hound with it) This is listed as a Scenario Pack much like what we saw over the summer with Fear Itself Mighty and Worthy – there’s no word as of yet whether this will include custom dice or tokens though. However this pack will Include one brand new Suped-Up Sentinel, thematic object tokens (light, heavy and special) and Bystander Horde tokens, all which we’ll look at in this review.

Scenario Pack Extras

As I mentioned this Pack will include thematic object tokens. Previous Starter sets have given us the standard object tokens so many times over it’s nice to see something different. I’m sure I’m not the only one that has a dozen car doors, trash cans, man hole covers, wrecking balls, boulders and dumpsters. Matching the Sentinel theme and the general dystopian over arch of the series itself we’re given broken pieces of the Sentinels.

ImageImageThe two Special objects in the Pack are the Sentinel Head and the Sentinel Torso. As of right now we don’t know what these special objects will do but we can always guess. The Sentinel Head can quite possible be like the Laser Turret, using the Sentinel’s Optic Blast (similar to Cyclops) The Torso is sporting a Repulsor Beam much like Iron Man’s and will possibly be a stronger farther ranged attack than the Head (this is all speculation but I’m very excited to see what they come up with) **NOTE** There’s speculation that these may be Super Heavy Objects instead of Special Objects, apparently depending on the computer/phone/device the rings vary in colour from Blue to Purple



The Heavy Objects are nothing special game wise. They still act the same way, needing Super Strength or Telekinesis to pick them up and still add +2 to your damage but they look cool. The Heavy Objects will give you Broken Sentinel Arms and Legs.




Just like the Heavy Objects, the Lights aren’t going to change anything in the game, still requiring the same Powers to use them and adding +1 damage to an attack. Once again it’s all just aesthetics but they did a good job of it. For the Lights to be less damage than the Heavys they need to be smaller objects, in this case instead of getting the whole Sentinel Arm or Leg we’re given just their Hands and Feet. Also instead of the standard three and three for this Pack they’re giving us four of each. 

Along with the Thematic Object Tokens we’re given Bystander Horde tokens. We were introduced to the Horde Mechanic back in 2011 with the First Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring Starter Set. Horde tokens as just like standard Bystander tokens. You pay the cost of them to add to your team and they act like a character on your team using their stat window for Movement, Attack, Defense and Damage. However these Bystander tokens can stack on top of each other to gain bonuses. Each stack has an M value and on the back of the Horde token they have a Horde ability. When you have more than one in your stack they are granted their Horde Ability but a stack cannot exceed their M value. Horde Tokens also only take one damage at a time regardless of how much damage you’re dealing. The S value is the number of tokens currently on the stack, this may or may not be the same as M (though S cannot exceed M, yay convoluted game mechanics!)


First up we have the Sentinel Hunter. For 20 points the Hunter gives us 7 movement with Sidestep, 10 attack with Incapacitate, 16 defense with Toughness, 2 Damage with Biomechanic Tendrils and 0 Range. Their M value is 4 so the most a stack of Hunters will cost you is 80pts. Their horde ability Biomechanic Tendrils has two functions, If your stack of Hunters isn’t full (more than 1 but less than 4) they have Plasticity, if they’re at their Max Stack they gain the Capture ability. The Sidestep is always nice, especially when you consider that Hordes don’t need to break away, it gives them a nice little advantage. 10 attack is slowly becoming the norm these days and mixed with incapacitate they become a nice tie up piece (especially if they’re not at full stack and have plasticity) Having 0 range with Incapacitate means they’re going to need to get in close to use that ability but their Sidestep will help get the ball rolling. Having toughness on a Bystander is always fun especially when that Bystander is part of a Horde. Now you have to do at least 2 damage (or have Precision Strike) to damage it and even then it only takes one damage. These guys are better suited for your smaller attackers to pop off rather than wasting your big guns.

Next we have Sentinel Sentry who has 5 movement with Plasticity, 10 attack with Smoke Cloud, 17 defense with Their Horde Ability (possibly a misprint that the ability doesn’t have a name) 2 damage with no powers and 5 range. These bad boys cost 14 points with a Max Stack of 6 (84 points for a full stack) and are Indomitable Giants. Their power set suggests that they are meant to be in your face to ruin your day. Being a Giant they can attack upper elevation, see over characters and can use a close combat attack from 2 squares away. The Horde ability allows them to use Barrier but can only place tokens equal to half their stack (so the most they could place would be three, always remember to round up when you’re halving in Heroclix) which is good for boxing in your opponent, especially when you have Plasticity and Smoke Cloud (which gives -1 attack to anyone occupying Smoke tokens) Being Indomitable is HUGE for a Bystander token (anyone remember when Maggie Sawyer first showed up with Willpower?) The Sentries are going to be a great tie up piece for any Sentinel team and if it was a choice, I’d definitely be choosing to pay 4 more points for a Sentry Stack over a Hunter one.

In the Non Robotic category we have the ever loving Human Protester. This lovely piece of work has 4 movement with no power, 8 attack with Mutie! 15 defense with Close Combat Reflexes, 1 damage with Close Combat Expert and 0 range. They cost 10pts with a Max Stack of 8 (bringing them up to a clean 80pts at full strength) They’re not much to look at but when you’re playing a game with Super Heroes, Gods and Giant Robots an every day citizen isn’t going to be that impressive. Although come up close and they’re going to get a little scrappy with you. Their Mutie! special attack power is very situational but also very thematic. Now it’s worded a little awkwardly on their card, from what I understand when a character with the X-men or Brotherhood of Mutants keyword gets within X squares of them they can’t ignore pushing damage. In this case X is represented by S/2 which I’m assuming means their Stack Number divided by 2 (in a game that almost constantly says Half the value I have no idea why they chose to go this route) so if the stack is full at 8 Protesters characters within 4 squares can’t ignore pushing damage. This power is really the only advantage to this Stack, and really only works if you know you’re going up against an X-men or Brotherhood team, other wise they’re kind of a waste. Sure they have a 17 defense at Close Combat and if they’re in the thick of it they have the potential to do 3 damage, and it would take 8 attacks to kill them all off but they’re almost better off left alone while going after bigger fish.

The last Stack in the Pack is the Mutant Protester. They’ve got 4 movement with Force Blast, 8 attack with no power, 15 defense with Gene Nation, 1 damage with Empower and 0 range. They cost 15 with a Max stack of 8 (putting their full strength at 120pts, the highest for these Horde sets) Their Gene Nation power is Cannon Fodder: the Ability. When they’re adjacent to a friendly figure with either the X-men or Brotherhood of Mutants keyword that character can use Mastermind but only to damage the Stack. These guys are the rookies, the front line, the Storm Troopers of the mutant army. They are there to give a little bit of help but mostly just to be collateral damage. Their Force Blast will help get enemy figures away from whichever Mutant they decide to hero worship, their Empower will help give that Hero extra damage and their Gene Nation will dwindle the Stack to help protect their Idol. I’m not sure how many people will invest 120pts into having Protected that gives you extra damage instead of an action token but they could be very useful at 30, 45 or even 60 pts – especially considering their Horde Ability isn’t dependent on how many tokens are in the stack.

This has run a little longer than I was hoping it would so I’m splitting it into two Parts. Check out Sentinel Scenario Pack Review Part 2 for a look at the brand new Sentinel!

Tournament Report #1 Jan, 4 2014 – 400pts Golden Age



And to think this whole blog was my idea for our tournament write ups.

So the day was Saturday, tournament day. This week’s build was 400pts golden age with the obscure restriction of having no characters with the “Conglomerate” keyword. It was an idea that worked better when it was restricting Avengers. In any case I’ve been in this strange mood ever since the watch list announcement. I’ve wanted to make teams that follow “The Meta”.

For those unfamiliar with the phrase, “The Meta” is basically the idea of an overarching collection of teams that start to become competitive as the game evolves. An example of “The Meta” could be the most recent World Championship, where teams that used Ghost Rider, or were specifically built to beat Ghost rider were dominant.

Carrying on, this particular trip to the Comic Warehouse (20 Strathearn Ave. Brampton, Ontario, Canada) had me considering this incredibly strange idea I’ve been fiddling with. It’s an idea born of our AvX Tournament Prep Match where I used Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, and Tony Stark. The effectiveness of Tony Stark caused me to come up with a team using him and being effective.

So without further ado,
Tony and his Armor Fighters

Jay's Team T1

IIM015 Tony Stark – 70pts
CW002 Iron Man Drone – 70pts
WXM044 Silver Samurai – 100pts
2 x GG006 Doombot – 110pts (2x55pts)
FI301 Splitlip – 20pts
The Book of Skulls (full) – 30pts
Total 400pts

The idea behind this team, much like any other Meta Game team, is to maximize actions while limiting the actions you’re actually taking out of your action pool. Picking up hammers is free, moving a few of the characters is free, etc, etc.

So with this plan ready to go, let’s talk about the tournament.

Round 1 – Max (our usual judge)
His Team – Omega Flight

HA023 – Beta Ray Bill – 159pts + 10 Armor Piercing Feat
AV015 – U.S. Agent – 75pts + 8 Protected Feat
SI011 – Arachne – 50pts + 10 Stunning Blow
AW010 – Rookie Diamond Lil – 36pts
Total – 348pts

(points were missing due to misplaced book of skulls, poor guy)

Max is our Judge. He doesn’t play very often, but he also doesn’t believe in Byes, so he will play instead allowing players to score points on their Byes (alternatively the player would get a win at 0 points). So we played this out as best we could considering Max is a judge first, player second in this case, but I did manage to make short work of his team. I did as I usually do and lead out with the Iron Man Drone taking a free movement to carry out the Silver Samurai (rule of 3 works both ways so the -2 from the free move, and -2 move from carrying becomes -3) 5 squares, took an action with Splitlip to give Silver Samurai Skadi’s Hammer. I like Silver Samurai’s Blades/Claws/Fangs but the low end penetrating leaves the higher rolls in the dust for penetrating damage. I also moved up my Tony Stark and passed to Max.

Max took his first turn to move his Beta Ray Bill forward carrying Arachne, moving the U.S agent up some, and Diamond Lil moved a little too.

This is where my strategy was unleashed. I equipped Tony Stark with a hammer and pushed him forward to get him on his second click. I then perplexed up Silver Samurai’s Attack to a 15 and used his trait to phase adjacent to Beta Ray Bill for free. The Samurai then attacked. 2 probs from Max later I hit and rolled 5 for B/C/Fs damage. Beta Ray Bill was now wounded, so I gave a Doombot an action to throw a hammer on the Iron Man Drone, took a free move and used Ranged Combat Expert to throw some more damage on Beta Ray Bill. A missed Super Senses roll put Beta Ray Bill on his last click. I then cleared what needed to be cleared, and pass to Max.

Max at this point attacked Silver Samurai (11 attack on his last click WOW!) and dealt 2 damage straight through to the Silver Samurai. Then U.S Agent, Diamond Lil, and Arachne passed. At this point the game is pretty much mine. But I threw more hammers down, moved my Doombots out and cleared the rest of my characters.

Max took his 3rd turn to start trying to mount a counter attack. It started with Arachne dropping a Stunning Blow on the Silver Samurai (but missing) and U.S. Agent throwing some fists (also missing).

At this point I sorta felt bad for Max as he was going between this game where I was beating on him and judging the tournament but he knew what he was going through. The rest of this game was something of a wash as I cleared up the rest of Max’s figures and got through with his full compliment of points.

Round 2 – Ryan

Ryan’s Team – X-Men

WS047 – Nightcrawler – 86pts + 40pts Full Gauntlet + 10p pts Armor Piercing

GX023 – Psylocke – 74pts

GX008 – Cyclops – 110pts + 10pts Opprotunist
WX204 – Shadowcat – 70pts

Total 400pts

This is one of those games I wish I could have made it to the end of, as it’s hard to say how it would have ended up. So with Ryan winning the Die Roll he chose the Prison Map. I can’t remember the set but you know the map, the one with all the walls in it (From Sinister). Perfect environment for Nightcrawler. This was one of those games I knew I had to be careful in, but also knew that I could take it with the right attack. So Ryan took his first turn to position and I, like the last game, got Silver Samurai and Iron Man Drone out there and threw a hammer on the Samurai. I picked Skadi’s hammer without thought. I probably could have taken a slightly better choice given the opposing team lacked almost any defense powers. I moved up Tony Stark and passed my turn.

Ryan took this turn to use Psylocke’s Telekinesis, putting Nightcrawler forward into a good hit and return position. Needing a 7, Ryan managed to hit, but I didn’t want to let that go through, so I used one of my 2 uses of Probability Control from my theme team bonus and he rolled below a 7. After brushing the sweat off my brow, Ryan took his Nightcrawler back near the rest of his team. Now I had to put an action token on Silver Samurai to use Probability Control, so I ended up having to pass out some hammers, move some Doombots, clear some tokens, and move onto Ryan’s turn.

Ryan, having 2 tokens on Nightcrawler and Psylocke, chose to clear this turn. So with 4 hammers now out, I threw a second Hammer on Silver Samurai, putting his attack up to 15, and using his free phasing with some perplexes (+1 move from the book, +2 move from Tony Stark and Book of Skulls Perplex) to base both Nightcrawler and Shadowcat (in case of shape change). His shape change failed and 4 attack rolls (he used 3 of his 4 theme probs here) later the Samurai hit Nightcrawler. Super Senses failed to protect him and I got to roll my Blades/Claws/Fanges. SIX!!!!! Nightcrawler was now dead. Ryan at this point, held out his hand in defeat and pulled out of this game.

Later on we were discussing the game and I had to mention that my Silver Samurai was out there, and he still had Cyclops, so he still had a heck of a fighting chance. He agreed later on and decided he should have played out the game to the end. Them’s the breaks I guess.

Round 3 – Jottünheim (Keith)
Keith’s Team – WildC.A.T.S

Spartan Warrior Spirit – 125pts + 8 Scatter
Grifter – 88pts + 14pts Utility belt (Medkit, Handcuffs, Radar Monitor, 2x Gas Grenades, Night Vision, Batman’s cowl)
Void – 70pts
Voodoo – 91pts
4x WildC.A.T.S ATA – 4pts

Total 400pts

Keith’s Teams are always very thematic and fun to see across the board. He has the guts to play some Keywords I’ve only ever joked about. So this time around, I had to look at his WildC.A.T.S team in wonderment and glee, considering he made it to the finals with it. I won the die roll and chose the Bridge (damn some of these older maps escape my set memory…..Web of Spider-man OP Map)

I started the match moving my figures into the same fashion in the previous rounds (if it ain’t broke don’t fix it) getting Skadi’s hammer on the Silver Samurai and getting that token on Tony Stark. It was actually my first turn where Keith pointed out, that technically, since I could move the Iron Man Drone as a free action, I could drop 2 hammers turn 1…. WHY THE HELL DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT BEFORE……Ah well.

Keith took his first turn to use Void to get his team in a 4 square patch of hindering. I used my Silver Samurai to attempt a hit on Spartan and hit, rolling a 5 for damage. My blades rolls were on FIRE that day! I then followed up with a Ranged Combat Expert shot from a hammer equipped Iron Man Drone and Down went Spartan. Here’s where things almost took a surreal turn.

In retaliation, Keith Mind Controlled my Silver Samurai with Voodoo making my Silver Samurai a liability the rest of the game. He then made an attack against my Iron Man drone, murdering it with his own high roll on Blades/Claws/Fangs. He then used Void to move his team backwards onto elevated terrain.

This, is the game my Doombots came out to play.

At this point I was reeling from losing my secondary attacker and Silver Samurai was now a liability, but I wasn’t to be counted out yet. Still failing to remember to put Skirn’s hammer on the Silver Samurai, I made my second attempt with Tony Stark’s special Mind Control to attempt to get my Silver Samurai where he needed to be….. DAMNATION TO OLD MAPS and their unclear ladders… The attempt was a failure. The best the Samurai could do was base some figures…. So now I was in panic reaction mode. I had to do something that would allow me the ability to attack my opponent and lay down pressure: Greithoth’s Hammer. Making one of my Doombot’s a Giant and giving it Running Shot gave me access to his team and allowed me to throw down Energy Explosions at his groupings. This ultimately allowed for my eventual victory as I would focus my ranged attacks at the rest of Keith’s team and keep my pressure forward.

Ultimately Keith was limited in his options against me and my continued pressure lead to victory (not without a few attempts at a counter attack from Keith, and a few annoying Mind Controls against my Silver Samurai.

I finished up in First Place and walked out with a No-Man’s Land Batgirl prize. No complaints here, she’s awesome.

Final Thoughts

With all that said and done, I was actually VERY impressed with the performance of my team. It did what needed to get done and subsequently helped me earn a full victory in this tournament, though I still would like to find out how that match with Ryan could have REALLY ended.

Feel free to put your thoughts on my team or my opponents’ teams, or the overall outcome of the tournament down below. Hope to hear from you guys and keep it rocking!!!!!!