Days of Future Past – Nimrod Review



The first official Wizkids preview this year was Chase Nimrod (#24) for the upcoming Days of Future Past Gravity Feed Release – which is expected to be in stores April of this year. The last time we saw Nimrod was Fantastic Forces back in 2005 and I know I’m not the only one that’s excited to see this Big Pink Menace hit the Battlefield again.


The Sculpt

Nimrod isn’t all that impressive looking as a character to begin with. He’s a giant humanoid looking robot that glows pink. That being said this time around he’s definitely looking better. From the detail on his body to the splash of pink energy behind him he’s a step up from looking like he was dipped in Pepto-Bismol. His combat symbols don’t suggest that the figure’s a giant (at least for game play purposes) but I wouldn’t be surprised if we see him towering over other clix on the field like we recently saw with IIM #19 Sasquatch and #32 Juggernaut.

The Dial

Nimrod can be played at three different point values 150/250/350 giving you a fair amount of options as to how you can play him. He’s sporting two brand new Keywords in Days of Future Past and Sentinel along with older generic keywords Future and Robot. His combat symbols grant him Flight, Imdomitability and an 8 Range with 2 Targets.

At 150pts (the version we’re most likely to see in standard 300pt tournaments) Nimrod has 6 clicks of life and starts off with 8 movement with Photon Propulsion, 10 attack with Pulse Wave, 17 defense with Impervious and 4 damage with Future Knowledge of the Mutant Menace. This is a very solid opening click. His White Movement power Photon Propulsion gives him Phasing/Teleport and Running shot, it’s a shame the two can’t be used together however even at 8 movement for his Running Shot you’ve got his 8 range, effectively allowing you to attack from 12 squares away (4 for the halved movement + 8 range) and if you don’t want to get into the fight right away (or want to make a hasty retreat) the Phasing/Teleport lets him move freely without any hindrance. The 10 attack Pulse Wave can be deadly when used well, especially if you can mange a Single Target Pulse Wave. The FF version was the bane of many players for that Pulse Wave alone and this version doesn’t seem like it’s going to be any different. On the defense side of things he’s got Impervious which is already going to reduce damage by 2 with a 1 in 3 chance of not taking any damage at all. One of the biggest advantages to this click is his White Damage power Future Knowledge of the Mutant Menace, with his powers and abilities not being able to be countered that Pulse Wave becomes more deadly and that Impervious becomes more annoying to get around. Not to mention the power also grants him Outwit with the chance to Outwit two different opposing characters if they happen to be either X-men or Brotherhood (characters must have the X-men or Brotherhood of Mutants keyword or team ability)

As he takes damage his powers are turned to Hypersonic Speed, which makes him a much more effective attacker, Precision Strike, which allows him to get around pesky powers like Super Senses (attack can’t be evaded) and Damage Reducers (damage can’t be reduced below 1), Invincible, which makes him annoying to damage again especially with heavy hitters whose damage will be halved and Probability control which allows him to reroll his attack should his 9 attack not connect. Further down the dial HSS switches to Side Step for three clicks until you see a return to Photon Propulsion. You see Precision Strike one more time but his attack itself doesn’t dip under a 10 and his final click sees a whopping 12. For defense we’re introduced to Rapid Regeneration which gives him Invulnerability and Regeneration (and if he’s pushed he can use Regen as a free action) this switches to Invincible one last time before remaining as his defense ability until the end. He keeps his Probability control for 2 clicks before gaining 2 clicks of Empower which combined with his Side Step puts him as a support piece late in the game.

His 250pt version adds 3 clicks onto his 150pt version giving him an overall of 9 clicks of life. He’ll be a little less likely in the 300pt scene though I’m sure someone will find a way to exploit him with the right support piece(s) – like perhaps a 50pt CW Scarlet Witch? This version starts off with 10 movement for his Photon Propulsion, 11 attack with Precision Strike, 18 defense with Invincible and 5 damage with Probability Control. This allows him the potential to do more damage (and make it stick between Prob and Precision Strike) but doesn’t feel as deadly as his 150pt starting click. You get Probability Control over Outwit which can be advantageous depending on the situation but with an 11 Attack you really just need it to make sure your opponent isn’t hitting you. The Precision Strike over Pulse Wave feels like a bit of a loss. Sure you can ignore Super Senses and even if they have a damage reducer they’re still going to take one damage that can’t be Masterminded but when Pulse Wave turns off all game effects, Precision Strike seems like the lesser choice. The Invincible over the Impervious is good against any big heavy hitters (If they’re doing 7 damage you’re only taking 3 where you would take 5 with Impervious) but you lose your 1 in 3 chance of ignoring all damage and you don’t have that Special White Damage Power keeping your powers and abilities from being countered. Overall not as impressive of an opening click – power-wise. The next click however brings a bit of the deadly back with Hypersonic Speed, Pulse Wave, Rapid Regeneration and Probability Control. The attack and defense values dip a bit but nothing too drasticly. The final click of this version’s a little on the weaker side with only Photon Propulsion, Impervious and Future Knowledge of the Mutant Menace. This version adds to the life of the figure while increasing the damage output at the top of the dial. He may not be at the top of the list for a 300pt team but with the right support he can be a deadly opponent.

The figure finishes off at the 350pt version. This version adds 3 clicks to the 250pt dial topping him off at a full 11 clicks. With his point value you’re not going to see him in any 300pt tournaments but he may be a go to figure once the Builds start getting bigger. The first click of this version gives you 10 movement with Hypersonic Speed, a deadly 12 attack with Pulse Wave, an impressive 19 defense with Impervious and 5 damage with Future Knowledge of the Mutant Menace. This is the kind of scary top dial we were lacking in the 250pt version and got a taste of in the 150pt one. With 10 movement, his HSS has an effective range of 14 making it easy to either streak through the map or move in and out without much trouble – too bad that Pulse Wave can’t be combined or he’d be a beast to be reckoned with. Even without being able to combining his HSS with PW that 12 attack makes him very dangerous especially if you can manage once more to do a Single Target Pulse Wave. The 19 defense with Impervious makes him even more annoying to hit than his 150pt version, not to mention his 1 in 3 chance of ignoring all damage and his Future Knowledge that keeps him from being countered. Finally a devastating 5 damage with an 8 ranged outwit he’s going to be one hard beast to deal with. The second click of this version gives you pretty much the same though he trades his HSS for his Photon Propulsion and all combat values except his damage drop by one.

Overall this is going to be a figure that will end up on a lot of player’s Most Wanted List – just a shame he’s a chase!

Clix of the Past Battle Report – Amber

Back in 2005 I attended one of the rare Wizkids promoted events in Canada. I was in Ottawa for three awesome days of Clix with a Dark Phoenix Convention Exclusive on the line. One of the many teams I had gone up against had the old Nimrod as their centerpiece and he was 264pts of pure evil.


I had a fun finesse-y little x-men team that featured the Veteran Quicksilver from Armor Wars, who was an incredible piece. The most recent mechanic that had been introduced to the game was Feat Cards and while other players that dived right into the meta game they offered I was still testing the waters. That being said I never forgot to put Auto Regeneration on my Wolverine. The game came down to Nimrod with barely a scratch and Quicksilver running around desperately trying to get a shot in. Quicksilver was getting slower and Nimrod was getting harder to hit. Right as my opponent was ready to deal the finishing blow to Quicksilver I looked down at my board and realized I had completely forgotten that I had Armor Piercing on him and could have very likely taken Goliath down. It was the biggest upset of the tournament for me and Nimrod has been my Nemesis ever since.


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