Tournament Report #1 Jan, 4 2014 – 400pts Golden Age



And to think this whole blog was my idea for our tournament write ups.

So the day was Saturday, tournament day. This week’s build was 400pts golden age with the obscure restriction of having no characters with the “Conglomerate” keyword. It was an idea that worked better when it was restricting Avengers. In any case I’ve been in this strange mood ever since the watch list announcement. I’ve wanted to make teams that follow “The Meta”.

For those unfamiliar with the phrase, “The Meta” is basically the idea of an overarching collection of teams that start to become competitive as the game evolves. An example of “The Meta” could be the most recent World Championship, where teams that used Ghost Rider, or were specifically built to beat Ghost rider were dominant.

Carrying on, this particular trip to the Comic Warehouse (20 Strathearn Ave. Brampton, Ontario, Canada) had me considering this incredibly strange idea I’ve been fiddling with. It’s an idea born of our AvX Tournament Prep Match where I used Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, and Tony Stark. The effectiveness of Tony Stark caused me to come up with a team using him and being effective.

So without further ado,
Tony and his Armor Fighters

Jay's Team T1

IIM015 Tony Stark – 70pts
CW002 Iron Man Drone – 70pts
WXM044 Silver Samurai – 100pts
2 x GG006 Doombot – 110pts (2x55pts)
FI301 Splitlip – 20pts
The Book of Skulls (full) – 30pts
Total 400pts

The idea behind this team, much like any other Meta Game team, is to maximize actions while limiting the actions you’re actually taking out of your action pool. Picking up hammers is free, moving a few of the characters is free, etc, etc.

So with this plan ready to go, let’s talk about the tournament.

Round 1 – Max (our usual judge)
His Team – Omega Flight

HA023 – Beta Ray Bill – 159pts + 10 Armor Piercing Feat
AV015 – U.S. Agent – 75pts + 8 Protected Feat
SI011 – Arachne – 50pts + 10 Stunning Blow
AW010 – Rookie Diamond Lil – 36pts
Total – 348pts

(points were missing due to misplaced book of skulls, poor guy)

Max is our Judge. He doesn’t play very often, but he also doesn’t believe in Byes, so he will play instead allowing players to score points on their Byes (alternatively the player would get a win at 0 points). So we played this out as best we could considering Max is a judge first, player second in this case, but I did manage to make short work of his team. I did as I usually do and lead out with the Iron Man Drone taking a free movement to carry out the Silver Samurai (rule of 3 works both ways so the -2 from the free move, and -2 move from carrying becomes -3) 5 squares, took an action with Splitlip to give Silver Samurai Skadi’s Hammer. I like Silver Samurai’s Blades/Claws/Fangs but the low end penetrating leaves the higher rolls in the dust for penetrating damage. I also moved up my Tony Stark and passed to Max.

Max took his first turn to move his Beta Ray Bill forward carrying Arachne, moving the U.S agent up some, and Diamond Lil moved a little too.

This is where my strategy was unleashed. I equipped Tony Stark with a hammer and pushed him forward to get him on his second click. I then perplexed up Silver Samurai’s Attack to a 15 and used his trait to phase adjacent to Beta Ray Bill for free. The Samurai then attacked. 2 probs from Max later I hit and rolled 5 for B/C/Fs damage. Beta Ray Bill was now wounded, so I gave a Doombot an action to throw a hammer on the Iron Man Drone, took a free move and used Ranged Combat Expert to throw some more damage on Beta Ray Bill. A missed Super Senses roll put Beta Ray Bill on his last click. I then cleared what needed to be cleared, and pass to Max.

Max at this point attacked Silver Samurai (11 attack on his last click WOW!) and dealt 2 damage straight through to the Silver Samurai. Then U.S Agent, Diamond Lil, and Arachne passed. At this point the game is pretty much mine. But I threw more hammers down, moved my Doombots out and cleared the rest of my characters.

Max took his 3rd turn to start trying to mount a counter attack. It started with Arachne dropping a Stunning Blow on the Silver Samurai (but missing) and U.S. Agent throwing some fists (also missing).

At this point I sorta felt bad for Max as he was going between this game where I was beating on him and judging the tournament but he knew what he was going through. The rest of this game was something of a wash as I cleared up the rest of Max’s figures and got through with his full compliment of points.

Round 2 – Ryan

Ryan’s Team – X-Men

WS047 – Nightcrawler – 86pts + 40pts Full Gauntlet + 10p pts Armor Piercing

GX023 – Psylocke – 74pts

GX008 – Cyclops – 110pts + 10pts Opprotunist
WX204 – Shadowcat – 70pts

Total 400pts

This is one of those games I wish I could have made it to the end of, as it’s hard to say how it would have ended up. So with Ryan winning the Die Roll he chose the Prison Map. I can’t remember the set but you know the map, the one with all the walls in it (From Sinister). Perfect environment for Nightcrawler. This was one of those games I knew I had to be careful in, but also knew that I could take it with the right attack. So Ryan took his first turn to position and I, like the last game, got Silver Samurai and Iron Man Drone out there and threw a hammer on the Samurai. I picked Skadi’s hammer without thought. I probably could have taken a slightly better choice given the opposing team lacked almost any defense powers. I moved up Tony Stark and passed my turn.

Ryan took this turn to use Psylocke’s Telekinesis, putting Nightcrawler forward into a good hit and return position. Needing a 7, Ryan managed to hit, but I didn’t want to let that go through, so I used one of my 2 uses of Probability Control from my theme team bonus and he rolled below a 7. After brushing the sweat off my brow, Ryan took his Nightcrawler back near the rest of his team. Now I had to put an action token on Silver Samurai to use Probability Control, so I ended up having to pass out some hammers, move some Doombots, clear some tokens, and move onto Ryan’s turn.

Ryan, having 2 tokens on Nightcrawler and Psylocke, chose to clear this turn. So with 4 hammers now out, I threw a second Hammer on Silver Samurai, putting his attack up to 15, and using his free phasing with some perplexes (+1 move from the book, +2 move from Tony Stark and Book of Skulls Perplex) to base both Nightcrawler and Shadowcat (in case of shape change). His shape change failed and 4 attack rolls (he used 3 of his 4 theme probs here) later the Samurai hit Nightcrawler. Super Senses failed to protect him and I got to roll my Blades/Claws/Fanges. SIX!!!!! Nightcrawler was now dead. Ryan at this point, held out his hand in defeat and pulled out of this game.

Later on we were discussing the game and I had to mention that my Silver Samurai was out there, and he still had Cyclops, so he still had a heck of a fighting chance. He agreed later on and decided he should have played out the game to the end. Them’s the breaks I guess.

Round 3 – Jottünheim (Keith)
Keith’s Team – WildC.A.T.S

Spartan Warrior Spirit – 125pts + 8 Scatter
Grifter – 88pts + 14pts Utility belt (Medkit, Handcuffs, Radar Monitor, 2x Gas Grenades, Night Vision, Batman’s cowl)
Void – 70pts
Voodoo – 91pts
4x WildC.A.T.S ATA – 4pts

Total 400pts

Keith’s Teams are always very thematic and fun to see across the board. He has the guts to play some Keywords I’ve only ever joked about. So this time around, I had to look at his WildC.A.T.S team in wonderment and glee, considering he made it to the finals with it. I won the die roll and chose the Bridge (damn some of these older maps escape my set memory…..Web of Spider-man OP Map)

I started the match moving my figures into the same fashion in the previous rounds (if it ain’t broke don’t fix it) getting Skadi’s hammer on the Silver Samurai and getting that token on Tony Stark. It was actually my first turn where Keith pointed out, that technically, since I could move the Iron Man Drone as a free action, I could drop 2 hammers turn 1…. WHY THE HELL DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT BEFORE……Ah well.

Keith took his first turn to use Void to get his team in a 4 square patch of hindering. I used my Silver Samurai to attempt a hit on Spartan and hit, rolling a 5 for damage. My blades rolls were on FIRE that day! I then followed up with a Ranged Combat Expert shot from a hammer equipped Iron Man Drone and Down went Spartan. Here’s where things almost took a surreal turn.

In retaliation, Keith Mind Controlled my Silver Samurai with Voodoo making my Silver Samurai a liability the rest of the game. He then made an attack against my Iron Man drone, murdering it with his own high roll on Blades/Claws/Fangs. He then used Void to move his team backwards onto elevated terrain.

This, is the game my Doombots came out to play.

At this point I was reeling from losing my secondary attacker and Silver Samurai was now a liability, but I wasn’t to be counted out yet. Still failing to remember to put Skirn’s hammer on the Silver Samurai, I made my second attempt with Tony Stark’s special Mind Control to attempt to get my Silver Samurai where he needed to be….. DAMNATION TO OLD MAPS and their unclear ladders… The attempt was a failure. The best the Samurai could do was base some figures…. So now I was in panic reaction mode. I had to do something that would allow me the ability to attack my opponent and lay down pressure: Greithoth’s Hammer. Making one of my Doombot’s a Giant and giving it Running Shot gave me access to his team and allowed me to throw down Energy Explosions at his groupings. This ultimately allowed for my eventual victory as I would focus my ranged attacks at the rest of Keith’s team and keep my pressure forward.

Ultimately Keith was limited in his options against me and my continued pressure lead to victory (not without a few attempts at a counter attack from Keith, and a few annoying Mind Controls against my Silver Samurai.

I finished up in First Place and walked out with a No-Man’s Land Batgirl prize. No complaints here, she’s awesome.

Final Thoughts

With all that said and done, I was actually VERY impressed with the performance of my team. It did what needed to get done and subsequently helped me earn a full victory in this tournament, though I still would like to find out how that match with Ryan could have REALLY ended.

Feel free to put your thoughts on my team or my opponents’ teams, or the overall outcome of the tournament down below. Hope to hear from you guys and keep it rocking!!!!!!


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