Days of Future Past – Sentinel Scenario Pack Review Part 1


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Much like Clix Days of Yore, the upcoming Days of Future Past set will feature a sold separately Sentinel Pack (though this time around we aren’t going to get a Colonel Logan or The Hound with it) This is listed as a Scenario Pack much like what we saw over the summer with Fear Itself Mighty and Worthy – there’s no word as of yet whether this will include custom dice or tokens though. However this pack will Include one brand new Suped-Up Sentinel, thematic object tokens (light, heavy and special) and Bystander Horde tokens, all which we’ll look at in this review.

Scenario Pack Extras

As I mentioned this Pack will include thematic object tokens. Previous Starter sets have given us the standard object tokens so many times over it’s nice to see something different. I’m sure I’m not the only one that has a dozen car doors, trash cans, man hole covers, wrecking balls, boulders and dumpsters. Matching the Sentinel theme and the general dystopian over arch of the series itself we’re given broken pieces of the Sentinels.

ImageImageThe two Special objects in the Pack are the Sentinel Head and the Sentinel Torso. As of right now we don’t know what these special objects will do but we can always guess. The Sentinel Head can quite possible be like the Laser Turret, using the Sentinel’s Optic Blast (similar to Cyclops) The Torso is sporting a Repulsor Beam much like Iron Man’s and will possibly be a stronger farther ranged attack than the Head (this is all speculation but I’m very excited to see what they come up with) **NOTE** There’s speculation that these may be Super Heavy Objects instead of Special Objects, apparently depending on the computer/phone/device the rings vary in colour from Blue to Purple



The Heavy Objects are nothing special game wise. They still act the same way, needing Super Strength or Telekinesis to pick them up and still add +2 to your damage but they look cool. The Heavy Objects will give you Broken Sentinel Arms and Legs.




Just like the Heavy Objects, the Lights aren’t going to change anything in the game, still requiring the same Powers to use them and adding +1 damage to an attack. Once again it’s all just aesthetics but they did a good job of it. For the Lights to be less damage than the Heavys they need to be smaller objects, in this case instead of getting the whole Sentinel Arm or Leg we’re given just their Hands and Feet. Also instead of the standard three and three for this Pack they’re giving us four of each. 

Along with the Thematic Object Tokens we’re given Bystander Horde tokens. We were introduced to the Horde Mechanic back in 2011 with the First Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring Starter Set. Horde tokens as just like standard Bystander tokens. You pay the cost of them to add to your team and they act like a character on your team using their stat window for Movement, Attack, Defense and Damage. However these Bystander tokens can stack on top of each other to gain bonuses. Each stack has an M value and on the back of the Horde token they have a Horde ability. When you have more than one in your stack they are granted their Horde Ability but a stack cannot exceed their M value. Horde Tokens also only take one damage at a time regardless of how much damage you’re dealing. The S value is the number of tokens currently on the stack, this may or may not be the same as M (though S cannot exceed M, yay convoluted game mechanics!)


First up we have the Sentinel Hunter. For 20 points the Hunter gives us 7 movement with Sidestep, 10 attack with Incapacitate, 16 defense with Toughness, 2 Damage with Biomechanic Tendrils and 0 Range. Their M value is 4 so the most a stack of Hunters will cost you is 80pts. Their horde ability Biomechanic Tendrils has two functions, If your stack of Hunters isn’t full (more than 1 but less than 4) they have Plasticity, if they’re at their Max Stack they gain the Capture ability. The Sidestep is always nice, especially when you consider that Hordes don’t need to break away, it gives them a nice little advantage. 10 attack is slowly becoming the norm these days and mixed with incapacitate they become a nice tie up piece (especially if they’re not at full stack and have plasticity) Having 0 range with Incapacitate means they’re going to need to get in close to use that ability but their Sidestep will help get the ball rolling. Having toughness on a Bystander is always fun especially when that Bystander is part of a Horde. Now you have to do at least 2 damage (or have Precision Strike) to damage it and even then it only takes one damage. These guys are better suited for your smaller attackers to pop off rather than wasting your big guns.

Next we have Sentinel Sentry who has 5 movement with Plasticity, 10 attack with Smoke Cloud, 17 defense with Their Horde Ability (possibly a misprint that the ability doesn’t have a name) 2 damage with no powers and 5 range. These bad boys cost 14 points with a Max Stack of 6 (84 points for a full stack) and are Indomitable Giants. Their power set suggests that they are meant to be in your face to ruin your day. Being a Giant they can attack upper elevation, see over characters and can use a close combat attack from 2 squares away. The Horde ability allows them to use Barrier but can only place tokens equal to half their stack (so the most they could place would be three, always remember to round up when you’re halving in Heroclix) which is good for boxing in your opponent, especially when you have Plasticity and Smoke Cloud (which gives -1 attack to anyone occupying Smoke tokens) Being Indomitable is HUGE for a Bystander token (anyone remember when Maggie Sawyer first showed up with Willpower?) The Sentries are going to be a great tie up piece for any Sentinel team and if it was a choice, I’d definitely be choosing to pay 4 more points for a Sentry Stack over a Hunter one.

In the Non Robotic category we have the ever loving Human Protester. This lovely piece of work has 4 movement with no power, 8 attack with Mutie! 15 defense with Close Combat Reflexes, 1 damage with Close Combat Expert and 0 range. They cost 10pts with a Max Stack of 8 (bringing them up to a clean 80pts at full strength) They’re not much to look at but when you’re playing a game with Super Heroes, Gods and Giant Robots an every day citizen isn’t going to be that impressive. Although come up close and they’re going to get a little scrappy with you. Their Mutie! special attack power is very situational but also very thematic. Now it’s worded a little awkwardly on their card, from what I understand when a character with the X-men or Brotherhood of Mutants keyword gets within X squares of them they can’t ignore pushing damage. In this case X is represented by S/2 which I’m assuming means their Stack Number divided by 2 (in a game that almost constantly says Half the value I have no idea why they chose to go this route) so if the stack is full at 8 Protesters characters within 4 squares can’t ignore pushing damage. This power is really the only advantage to this Stack, and really only works if you know you’re going up against an X-men or Brotherhood team, other wise they’re kind of a waste. Sure they have a 17 defense at Close Combat and if they’re in the thick of it they have the potential to do 3 damage, and it would take 8 attacks to kill them all off but they’re almost better off left alone while going after bigger fish.

The last Stack in the Pack is the Mutant Protester. They’ve got 4 movement with Force Blast, 8 attack with no power, 15 defense with Gene Nation, 1 damage with Empower and 0 range. They cost 15 with a Max stack of 8 (putting their full strength at 120pts, the highest for these Horde sets) Their Gene Nation power is Cannon Fodder: the Ability. When they’re adjacent to a friendly figure with either the X-men or Brotherhood of Mutants keyword that character can use Mastermind but only to damage the Stack. These guys are the rookies, the front line, the Storm Troopers of the mutant army. They are there to give a little bit of help but mostly just to be collateral damage. Their Force Blast will help get enemy figures away from whichever Mutant they decide to hero worship, their Empower will help give that Hero extra damage and their Gene Nation will dwindle the Stack to help protect their Idol. I’m not sure how many people will invest 120pts into having Protected that gives you extra damage instead of an action token but they could be very useful at 30, 45 or even 60 pts – especially considering their Horde Ability isn’t dependent on how many tokens are in the stack.

This has run a little longer than I was hoping it would so I’m splitting it into two Parts. Check out Sentinel Scenario Pack Review Part 2 for a look at the brand new Sentinel!


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