Superman and the Legion of Superheroes – Toyman Review



Catching up on the figures that have been previewed by Wizkids over the past week and a half. The first of the previews we saw was that of Super Rare Toyman from the upcoming Superman and the Legion of Superheroes set (out this February) The last time we saw Toyman was in Justice League back in September of 2007 – this had been the set that was used for the Starro Organized Play Storyline Event, and the first DC set to give way from the classic REV format. It was also the first [DC] set to introduce character cards and Special White Abilities. Needless to say our first introduction to Winslow Schott left much to be desired. Thankfully by now the game designers have a good idea of just how crazy they can get with Special Abilities.



The Sculpt

Keeping with the theme of this set, the colours on the sculpt are really vibrant. This rendition of the character looks to be from the 2008 run of Action Comics by Geoff Johns and Jesus Merino. While it seems like it’s nothing fancy to look at, a creepy little man tinkering away at his work bench, the sculpt itself adds nicely to the theme of the character and what he’ll be doing in game. When it comes down to details this is a much nicer offer than that of what we were giving in ’07 – a midget man riding on the back of a giant Nutcracker. Here’s hoping that the actual product will look just as nice as the detailed digital rendering they’ve shown us.

The Dial

At first glance his dial isn’t really much to look at and even after closer inspection it’s not too wowing either, but that’s all just the charm of this character. Toyman is a single dial figure that costs 81pts. He has 0 range and has the Calculator Team Ability (which allows him to copy other Team Abilities) along with generic Keyword Scientist and non-generic Keywords Injustice League, Legion of Doom and Superman Revenge Squad. The most important aspect of this character is his trait, I Love My Toys! Characters that have the Teddy Bear symbol are considered toys, he can start the game with 1 toy attached to his figure at no additional cost, he can have up to 2 toys attached (the second would have to be paid for in the team total) and for each attached toy he gets +1 to his defense.

Looking at his actual dial he starts off with 7 Movement with Stealth, 9 Attack with no power, 16 Defense with Mastermind, and 2 Damage with Outwit. You can already tell that he’s going to be spending most of his time on the sidelines, hiding in the bushes and countering your opponents powers – though with 0 Range he can only Outwit from 6 squares away. That 16 Defense is really a 17 since he can start the game with 1 toy attached and there’d be no reason to have him start without one. If he has 2 toys attached that’s an instant 18 Defense which will help him stay in the game. Not to mention if he does manage to get hit he can Mastermind that damage off to an adjacent character (which will likely be one of his toys)

His dial isn’t very long, he’s only got 5 clicks of life and no damage reducers so anyone with a well placed Precision Strike (which keeps damage from being Mastermind-ed) can take him out easily. As he moves through his dial that Movement stays at 7 and he only drops out of Stealth once on his fourth click. His Attack stays steady at 9 as well but after his first click we’re introduced to his Special White power Power Boost. This allows him to use Perplex. He can use it normally or if you give him a Power Action he can use it to modify any combat value (except damage) to all friendly toys on the map. This is pretty huge for him, since his toys are what’s mostly going to be doing the work for him. Not only that but he doesn’t need to be in Range, or have Line of Sight to them. His Defense stays the same at 16 (17/18 depending on how many toys you have attached to him) with Mastermind. His final click gives him Regeneration for a chance to get back up to the top of his dial (Rolling a 6 with his Regen would bring him right back to full) His Damage is his only Combat Value that actually drops. Click 4 and 5 see a Damage of 1 but he trades his Outwit for Probability Control (once again not as strong on a figure with 0 range)

I think what this figure is really missing is the ability to create more toys, much like Mastermold (or the new Sentinel Alpha Class) can make more Sentinels, though that would likely really hike up his point cost. I mentioned earlier that the true purpose of this figure is in his toys so let’s take a look at what they can do.

Toyman’s Toys

The toy figures will be packaged in the regular five figure boosters much like the Flock of Bats from the 2012 Batman Set. There will be 5 toys in total, 3 will be found distributed amoungst the booster, 1 (The Teddy Bear) will be packaged with Toyman himself and the final (the one that has not been revealed yet) will be a prize available through Organized Play.


The Airplane

The Airplane is a 3D bystander token with 1 click of health. It costs 15pts and counts towards the theme of your team. To start off the Airplane has a Teddy Bear (Toy) ability, much like a trait. When building your team, so long as Toyman is on your team the Airplane possesses all the same Keywords as him. This was the one thing that was severely lacking with the Flock of Bats (who broke up a Batman Theme team) This allows you to make a Theme Team with Toyman and still receive your Theme Team bonuses. This Toy Ability also allows you to give Airplane a free action when adjacent to Toyman to attach to his base. He can then be given a Move Action to come off the base (and continue his movement). Also if Airplane is within 3 squares of Toyman he may be given a Move Action for Free so long as he stays within 3 squares [of Toyman] Lastly Airplane can’t use the carry ability.

 Airplane also has a trait called Buzzing Blitzkrieg, when he’s attached to Toyman’s base any figure attacking Toyman get’s -1 to their Attack Value for each Airplane attached. Add that onto the +1 defense Toyman gets for having a Toy attached and he just became very hard to hit (if he’s got 2 Airplane’s attached he’s got an 18 defense versus your opponent’s attack -2!)

Looking at his actual dial, he may only have 1 click of life but he’s ready for a fight. He’s got 6 Movement with no power, 9 Attack with Mounted Machine Gun, 15 Defense with Super Senses and 2 Damage. He’s also got 4 Range with double target, The Flight ability (without being able to Carry) and he’s Tiny Sized (he gets +1 to his Defense at Range and he can be carried by any character – even if they don’t have a flight symbol – without hindering his carrier) The Mounted Machine Gun Ability gives him Energy Explosion and if he’s within 3 squares of Toyman he gets +1 to his attack. The only downside is that when he’s KO’d you roll a D6 and on a result of 1 or 2 you have to give Toyman an action token (which really could have been worse, at least it’s not 1 unavoidable damage)


The Race Car

The Race Car is a 3D bystander token with 1 click of health, costs 22pts and counts towards the theme of your team. It also possesses the same Toy Ability that the Airplane does, gains the same Keywords as Toyman, can be attached to his base for free, be given a Move Action to come off his base and may be given a Move Action for free if it stays within 3 squares of Toyman.

The Race Car has a trait, They Double as Roller Skates, when attached to Toyman, Toyman gains Improved Movement Ignores Characters. Toyman also modifies his Speed Value by +1 for each attached Race Car. This doesn’t seem as good as the Airplane’s trait, it definitely doesn’t seem to be one where you would want 2 Race Cars attached to give him 9 speed but being able to ignore character bases is always nice for escaping any incoming attackers.

On his actual dial he has Tiny Size as well, 0 Range, 7 Movement with This Thing Is FAST! 10 Attack with no power, 16 Defense with Energy Shield/Deflection and 2 Damage with no power. His This Thing Is FAST! power allows him to use the Move and Attack ability, however if he’s within 3 Squares of Toyman he can use Hypersonic Speed instead – unlike his free movement he doesn’t have to stay within 3 squares which could make him a nice little zip in and zip out attacker. The Move and Attack ability isn’t that shabby either, it’s Hypersonic Light that just gives him a -2 to his attack, although nowadays 8 attack isn’t the strongest. Once again his downside is that if he’s KO’d on a 1 or 2 give Toyman an action token.


The Cymbal-Banging Monkey

This is probably one of the better looking of the toys because well he’s a Cymbal-Banging Monkey! Like the other toys he’s a 3D Bystander token that cost 17pts, has 1 click of life and counts towards the theme of your team. Once again he has the same Toy Ability that the others do, same keywords, moves on and off Toyman and moves for free when staying close by.

Cymbal-Banging Monkey’s trait Distraction gives Toyman Super Senses with which he only succeeds on a 6, however he gets +1 to his roll for each Monkey he has attached (which is a really convoluted way of saying that he can use super senses but if he has 2 Monkeys he succeeds on a 4, 5 or 6) Still not my favourite special power from one of his toys but it can be useful to have an 18 defense with Super Senses that succeeds fifty percent of the time.

Dial wise the Monkey has Tiny Size as well with 0 Range. He’s got a 4 Movement with no power, 9 Attack with Thunderclap, 16 Defense with Close Combat Reflexes and 1 Damage with no power. Thunderclap allows him to Quake as a free action if he ends his movement next to an opposing figure along with the same KO’d action token to Toyman clause that the other toys have. This is probably one of my favourite Toy dials. He doesn’t move very far but that free action Quake can be a lot of fun, especially since it overrides his 1 damage, not to mention his Defense jumping up to an 18 in Close Combat.


The Teddy Bear

Finally we have the Teddy Bear. Don’t be discouraged by him being listed as a Super Rare, he’s going to be the toy that’s packaged with Toyman himself. He’s a 3D bystander token that costs 14 pts has 1 click of health and counts towards your team for theme. He has the same Toy Ability as the rest of the toys, same Keywords as Toyman, can attach to his base for free when adjacent, can take a Move Action to come off and can move for free while staying within 3 squares of Toyman.

Teddy Bear’s trait Extra Stuffing reduces damage dealt to Toyman by -1 for each Teddy Bear Attached. This one’s going to be a rare one to see more than one Teddy Bear running around. Since he comes with Toyman, he’s going to be the hardest to get duplicates of.

On Teddy Bear’s dial he has Tiny Size and 0 Range. He’s got 5 Movement with no power, 9 Attack with Hidden Explosives, 16 Defense with no power and 1 Damage with Shape Change. His Hidden Explosives power is a little wordy but it breaks down as such, give Teddy Bear a move action, after he moves he can use Pulse Wave for free with a Range of 6, after that’s resolves he KO’s. This power also has the same KO clause that the others do. The Teddy Bear seems like a sort of last ditch effort, throw him out and blow things up, trying to do 1 penetrating (since Pulse wave ignores everything) to as many characters as possible. I’m also very amused by the fact that a stuffed (with explosives!) Teddy Bear has Shape Change. I know Thematically it’s supposed to represent the Bear being too cute to attack but really, just imagine it turning into a piece or garbage or something! (Well I thought it was funny . . . )

Overall Toyman is one of those fun characters, he doesn’t bring a whole lot to the game but it will definitely be fun to be wielding an army of little toys. Ideally you’d want two of each toy (except maybe the Teddy, just based on the exclusivity of it) to give you options on what sort of bonuses you’d want to give to Toyman, especially being able to adapt to the situation. None of the toys are really big attackers themselves and look as though they’re best suited to keep close to Toyman and keep him in the game longer so you can utilize his Outwit. I think players are going to have more fun collecting the little toys than they will actually fielded them – at least the players I know.


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