Superman and the Legion of Superheroes – Gates Review


~ Amber

Next up in our string of Superman and the Legion of Superheroes reviews is the Uncommon figure Gates. Gates is a member of the Legion of Superheroes that was introduced in 1995 and was the first member of the team to be drafted (by his own planet’s government) rather than volunteer for a spot on the team. This version of Gates comes from the New 52 comic line Legion Lost, though it appears to be from the beginning of the story line before Gates’ appearance is altered. This is the first time that Gates has been put into Clix form.


The Sculpt

Though the character of Gates himself isn’t very colourful this figure does his best to stand out, with the bright red hood and the blue of his teleportation portal. This pose is simple but makes for an impressive looking click. This is also probably the best way to portray a character like this. Not only does it show his teleportation power (which has been shown countless times before with characters like Nightcrawler and more recently Magik) but he’s also an insectoid character who has no conventional legs but looks more like a centipede which isn’t the easiest to sculpt (he’d likely end up looking more like this)

The Dial

Gates comes in at a mere 60pts for 5 clicks of health. He has Flight along with all other standard combat symbols and 0 Range. He has the generic Keyword Future and non-generic Legion Lost and Legion of Superheroes keywords along with the Legion of Superheroes Team Ability which allows him to copy any other (copy-able) Team Ability.

What’s really impressive about his dial at first glance is his incredibly high Movement Value. He’s got 14 Movement (a value usually reserved for high speed Hypersonic Characters) with Teleportation Disks, 10 Attack with no power, 17 Defense with Instantaneous Shift and 2 Damage with no power. His White Movement Power gives him Phasing/Teleport, and allows him carry up to 4 friendly characters regardless of speed symbols (which means he breaks the rule that flyers can’t carry flyers) and on top of that if all of the carried characters share a Keyword with him he doesn’t have to modify his Speed Value by -2. Gates has just become what is commonly referred to as a Taxi, which is a character who’s sole purpose in the game is to carrying around other characters and he does it better than any previous Taxi has. We saw a power like this over a year ago in Lady Blackhawk (SoG Fast Forces) who could do the same thing for Birds of Prey and Soldiers, though only kept her full Speed of 10 when carrying Birds of Prey figures. His White Defense Power allows Gates to use Super Senses which succeeds on a 4, 5 and 6. He’ll easily become a target but thanks to his Instantaneous Shift power he’ll be hard to deal damage to as he evades attacks 50% of the time (great time to pull out that Precision Strike)

As his dial moves his Movement drops by 1 each time finishing with a 10 on his final click. He alternates between his Teleportation Disks power and standard Phasing/Teleport. His attack drops from 10 to 9 on his second click and drops again to 8 on his fourth click where it stays at the end of his dial. He doesn’t gain any Attack Power along the way but given the nature of the figure he won’t be making many attacks anyway. His Defense only drops to 16 on his third click where it stays for the rest of his dial. He loses Instantaneous Shift on his third click as well, to be replaced with toughness, though Instantaneous Shift returns for his final click. His Damage drops to a 1 after his second click and stays there for the rest of his dial though after his first click he gains perplex giving him a secondary use if he does manage to get hit. This Perplex is lost on his final click.

Taxi, taxi, taxi. Gates is going to be showing up a lot for his ability to carry so many figures around. He’s likely to become a staple on any Legion Lost or Legion of Superheroes team but given the fact that he has 14 movement even if he’s carrying figures that don’t share a Keyword with him he’s only knocked down to a 12 Movement which is still incredible. At 60pts with a Wild Card Team Ability I’m expecting Gates to show up on a lot of teams in the near future.


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