Superman and the Legion of Superheroes – Mr. Majestic


~ Amber

Continuing on with our SLoSH figure reviews we have Mr. Majestic up next. Mr. Majestic was created by Jim Lee in 1994 for his run on WildC.A.T.s. Though Wildstorm was purchased by DC back 1998/99 it wasn’t until the recent rebooting of the DC Universe (The New 52 following Flashpoint) that the characters from Wildstorm Comics became integrated into the same universe as DC’s mainline comics. Mr. Majestic is a  Kherubim Warlord who was stranded on Earth thousands of years ago after a run in with Daemonites. He’s very similar in look and powers to Superman, though being more militant, isn’t as restraint as the Man of Steel. In New 52 the Majestic Project was created to create a superhuman weapon that could handle Meta-Human threats and Mr.Majestic was retconned into being a human who’s metagene was activated. Thankfully judging by the flavour text of his character card we’re getting the proper WildC.A.T.s version not the Nu52 one.


The Sculpt

Though not as colourful as some of the other characters from this set Mr.Majestic is still a nice looking figure (given the fact that he was created in the ’90’s when comics were trying to be all dark and gritty his lack of colour isn’t all that surprising). The costume he’s wearing is from his original run by Wildstorm Comics. The figure is sporting a simple ‘Flying Through the Air’ pose that seems to be a comic standard. I have to say though that the translucent flying whoosh that they’ve added to the sculpts of flying characters over the years has drastically added to their aesthetics. In the past when Soaring was still a mechanic we had very awkward looking and very flimsy flight stands that essentially just put a figure on a stick and didn’t give the designers many options when it came to adding variety to flying sculpts. Mr. Majestic is no exception to this, his flight whoosh blends well with his cape and adds to the overall stability of the figure.

The Dial

Mr. Majestic comes in at a whopping 220pts and has 8 clicks of life. He is a Transporting Flyer with Indomitable and 7 Range with 2 targets. He has Improved Targeting Ignores Hindering which puts him on par with Superman and his friends, allowing him to see through Stealth. He has a trait, Molecular Sight, which allows him to ignore Shape Change and when he uses his Transporter Move and Attack ability he only modifies his attack by -1 instead of the standard -2. That 1 point of difference in his Attack is huge and will make his Move and Attack (or Hypersonic Light as Jason likes to call it) a more commonly used ability. He has the generic Cosmic, Past, Ruler and Soldier keywords along with Metropolis and WildC.A.T.s keywords with no Team Ability.

For his dial Mr. Majestic has only Standard Powers which makes him a very straight forward beat stick (one you don’t have to constantly be referring to his card when playing with or against him) At the top of his dial he has 11 Movement with Running Shot, 11 Attack with Energy Explosion, 18 Defense with Impervious and 5 Damage with Leadership. Given the fact that he’s one of the most powerful characters from the WildC.A.T.s line and that he was created to essentially be a Superman clone his powers and combat values aren’t all that surprising, especially considering how expensive he is. You have the option to either Running Shot Energy Explosion or Move and Attack to get in and out. His 18 Defense makes him on the harder side to hit and that Impervious allows him to shrug off at least 2 Damage with a 1 in 3 chance of ignoring Damage altogether (except against Precision Strike which is easily becoming one of my new favourite powers)

As his dial moves his Movement begins to drastically drop for a character of his caliber. It drops to 10 for his second and third click, 8 on his fourth and fifth, 7 on his sixth and goes down to a surprising 6 for his final two clicks. He keeps Running Shot for 2 clicks, has 1 click with no power, 2 clicks of Charge, 1 click with no power, another click with Running Shot then finishes his dial with no power. At least he keeps his Transporter Move and Attack the entire time. His Attack alternates between 11 and 10 for 5 clicks then finishes off with 3 clicks of 9. He has 2 clicks of Energy Explosion followed by 4 clicks of Super Strength (which will come in handy with either that Charge or his Move and Attack) and finishes off with 2 clicks of Penetrating/Psychic Blast. His Defense flip flops all over the place, it alternates between 18 and 17 for 4 clicks, stays steady at 17 for another click, drops to 16 then ramps back up to 17 and finishes off at 18. He has 2 clicks of Impervious, then 2 clicks of Invulnerable, back to 2 clicks of Impervious then a click of Invulnerable before ending with Toughness.  His Damage is the most consistent of his combat values, it drops to 4 on his second click then down to 3 on his fourth click. He has 1 click of 4 again before he steadies at 3 for the rest of his dial. He alternates between Leadership and Outwit for 4 clicks, before gaining 2 clicks of Close Combat Expert (there’s a click where he has an 11 Attack and 4 Damage with his Close Combat Expert which could be very dangerous) He has 1 click without a Damage power before finishing his dial off with Perplex once more.

For a supposed Superman Clone I’ve never seen such inconsistency with combat values and powers. He’s a constant flip flop though that doesn’t make him any less powerful. He’s still a big Beat Stick that will fit well on any high point Ruler or even Cosmic or Soldier team. He’s not likely to make a big splash in the 300pts tournament scene given the inconsistency of his powers and combat values, there’s probably better suited fighters at his point range but he could potentially be very deadly in Sealed.


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