Married with Clix – Meta Fix Episode 10


This week’s Episode of Meta Fix Jason covers the much requested topic of Map Choice and how it can affect your game.


Married With Clix – Dicemasters Game 1


Now that they’ve learned the rules and picked up a few more packs Amber and Jason roll off in their first game of Marvel Dicemasters against each other. With this being a brand new game, putting each player on an even playing field who will come out victorious?

Married With Clix – Dicemasters AvX Unboxing


The Dynamic Duo over at Married With Clix try out the new Wizkids/NECA Game Marvel Dicemasters! Watch as Amber and Jason delve into the Starter Set and 12 extra Boosters. They’ll be making regular Dicemaster videos as well (that will in no way take away from their regular offerings of Heroclix videos)

Married With Clix – Meta Fix Episode 9


In this Episode Jason looks at 3 P’s in Heroclix – Pulse Wave, Primes & Pricey Picks.

Pulse Wave wrecking house? Check out Jason’s favourite Pulse Wave figures. He then talks about the hard choice of picking your Prime and finally onto how much are you willing to spend on a Convention Exclusive figure that you can’t get by standard means?