The Madness!



“May the Rats eat your eyes! The Darkness Comes!”


One of the prizes in this Month’s Deadpool Organized Play kit is the Straight Jacket Relic and I have completely fallen in love with it. Ever since the card was leaked earlier this week I have been playing around in my head a fun Scenario utilizing this new game piece. It has gotten a lot of positive responses from our local gaming community and so I’m now sharing it here for everyone to enjoy.


Delirium – Straight Jacket Tag Scenario

Story: A powerful madness is sweeping through the land causing Superheroes and Villains alike to lose their minds threatening to take them over completely and render them useless and unable to continue the fight. No one knows where the madness has come from and no one knows how to stop it. The only way they know of to rid themselves this madness is to pass it on to someone else. Will they be able to last long enough to pass the madness on or will they be completely consumed?

Build: 400 points Golden Age Constructed no Tactics (Relics, Resources, Feats, Battlefield Conditions). No Team Bases – due to the nature of the scenario you need individual characters.

Set Up: Before the game starts each player will be given DP S101 3D Object – Straight Jacket. This relic does not count towards your object total or towards your team build. Characters that would normally have an effect on relics (i.e. M10th Iron Man, DC10th Catwoman, SLOSH Chases etc.) do not affect the Straight Jacket. At the beginning of the game before any other effects are activated the Straight Jacket is automatically assigned to your team’s lowest point character.

Goal: Survive the madness and defeat your opponent.

Gameplay – Spreading the Madness: Characters assigned the Straight Jacket are subject to it’s effects as normal. Characters may only be assigned 1 Straight Jacket at a time, Straight Jackets may not be given to your own characters through an attack (even if that character has a special power that allows them to attack friendly characters)

DPS101 Straight Jacket:

This character can not make Ranged Attacks and deals no damage when making a Close Combat Attack. When this character hits with an attack place this relic on the hit character’s card.

At the end of your turn each of your characters assigned the Straight Jacket are given a madness token. If they already have two madness tokens they may not be given a third and that character is removed from the game and the Straight Jacket is placed in the square they last occupied.

At the beginning of your turn, roll a D6 for each character that is within 8 squares of a Straight Jacket. On the result of 1-3 that character is assigned the Straight Jacket. If the Straight Jacket is assigned before you’ve rolled for each character, stop rolling.

Game End: The game ends when all of your opponent’s characters have either been KO’d or removed from the map due to Madness Tokens. Players score full points for each character KO’d and half points for each taken over by madness.


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