Trinity War – Deathstorm Figure Review


~ Amber

Once upon a time Martin Stein was a Nobel Prize winning physicist who merged with a High School student to create the Super Hero Firestorm but in the twisted parallel universe of Earth 3 he’s a mad scientist who experimented on a corpse and became Deathstorm.

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The Sculpt

This sculpt is beautiful. You’ve got a rush of flames keeping Deathstorm a flight, while he holds a fireball ready to strike. This is a much more powerful and imposing sculpt than we saw during Deathstorm’s first appearance in the War of Light set last year. Although that was the Black Lantern embodiment of the Firestorm Matrix not Earth 3 Stein. This version of Deathstorm comes from the Nu52 universe alongside others of the Crime Syndicate.

The Dial

Deathstorm is 150pts for 7 clicks of health with Flight, a Range of 7 with two Targets and the Crime Syndicate Team Ability (man I love this team ability, check out Ultraman’s review for a look at what the team ability does) He has the named Crime Syndicate and the generic Scientist keywords. He has Improved Targeting: Ignore Elevated and Ignore Hindering. You know what’s really awesome? Ignoring Elevated for Probability Control!

Top click Deathstorm has 11 Movement with Running Shot, 10 Attack, 17 Defense with Invulnerable and 3 Damage with Human Experimentation. Basically Deathstorm is a Dick to support figures. His Special Power allows him to use Perplex normally however if he’s targeting a character (friendly or opposing) that’s 75pts or less he gets to modify them by +2 or -2. It’s a great way to boost up anyone little on your team or really mess with your opponent’s support figures.

His stats don’t dip too badly and his Attack stays pretty solid his entire dial. His Movement power flip flops between Running Shot and Phasing/Teleport. By click 3 he picks up Energy Explosion which he keeps for three clicks. His Defense turns to Toughness for two clicks before he gains Absorb your Energies, which is gross! This Special Power gives him Energy Shield/Deflection alongside that Toughness and if that click is revealed after he took damage from a Ranged Attack, after actions resolve, roll a D6 and heal him that much. *insert Amber’s shocked face at awesome powers here* I don’t think we have ever seen a D6 healing that did not have some kind of reduction to it. This power first shows up on click 4 which means he has a 2 in 3 chance of getting back up to the top of his dial.

EDIT: A recent Rules Clarification just made this power even more awesome. That being the difference between turning to a click (the click you land on after damage is taken) and revealing a click (clicks that are shown even if they are passed by) What this means for Deathstorm is that he doesn’t have to land on one of those three clicks for his power to activate. So long as one of those clicks were shown while taking damage and that damage came from a Ranged attack, he’s going to be doing some healing.

Then his final click gives him Regeneration. He also has two clicks of Outwit after losing his special Perplex power.

Overall this character is great and I can’t wait to play him. I’m super stoked to have the Evil Trinity back (Ultraman, Super Woman and Owlman) but I think he’s my most anticipated Crime Syndicate character so far. He’ll be decent enough to pull in sealed and he’ll do great on a Crime Syndicate theme team. Basically just keep him at a distance and he’ll treat you right.


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