Trinity War – Firestorm Figure Review


~ Amber

Burn Baby Burn. Firestorm is next up for our Trinity War Previews.

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The Sculpt

Reminiscent of the sculpt we saw in The New 52 Justice League, Firestorm gives us a fun, powerful sculpt, showing off some of his powers in an enraged pose. While listed on his card as the convergence of Ronnie Raymond and Jason Rusch, this particular sculpt has Ronnie dominant over their shared body and sporting the yellow costume we first saw Jason wearing when Firestorm was first rebooted for the Nu52 universe (Firestorm being one of the few storylines that they decided to build from scratch rather than leaving their origins in place)

The Dial

Firestorm comes in at 140pts for 7 clicks of health with Flight, 7 Range and two Targets and the singular named Justice League of America keyword. He has a single trait that some of you may find familiar. We saw this trait nearly word for word on Marvel 10th Anniversary Iron Man (although Iron Man had protection from relics as well) The CH2=C(CH3)CH=CH2 trait says that when he would take damage from a character assigned a resource, he ignores that damage and instead rolls a D6. On a 1-3 he takes 1 unavoidable damage and this power can’t be ignored. In today’s game where nearly every team has a resource on it (so long as the format permits it) this gives him a fair amount of protection – although he doesn’t have that extra layer Iron Man has with Impervious. It’s also fairly safe to assume any rulings that were made for Iron Man will hold true for Firestorm (not causing an opponent’s Book of the Skull to spin or possibly taking extra damage on Mystics)

On his opening click he has a 9 Movement with Running Shot, 10 Attack with Hydrogen? That’s an Easy One which is Precision Strike and Energy Explosion (beautiful combo), 17 Defense with Invincible and 3 Damage with Outwit. On his next click we see Running Shot turn to Phasing/Teleport, Invincible turns to Toughness and Outwit turns to Perplex. His Attack and Defense also getting higher, just to drop again the following click where we see his Running Shot and Outwit return. On click 4 his Attack jumps up again but his Special Power is traded in for Poison. We also see Phasing/ Teleport come back for two clicks and Ranged Combat Expert shows up for the majority of the rest of his dial. Clicks 5 and 6 see an appearance of Energy Shield/Deflection. On his last two clicks Poison is exchanged for Pulse Wave but he also gains Earthbound/Neutralized which will keep him from using his Flight. On his very last click he has Regeneration.

Overall this a very nice dial with his trait making him a little harder to kill in certain formats. He’ll definitely be more dangerous in constructed than sealed and may just find his way into the Meta, though with Batteries being the primary resource at the moment it’s a little easier to have a resource assigned to your team and still be able to deal some damage to him.


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