Trinity War – I, Vampire Figure Review


~ Amber

Justice League Dark has come to Trinity War along with it comes I, Vampire. This is one of those 26 figures that are making their Heroclix Debut.

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The Sculpt

This figure is great looking. I love the action pose, our little vamp ready to pounce. This is making me seriously nostalgic for Horrorclix. Much like what seems to be par for the course for this set, this version of Andrew is modeled after his run within Nu52, young topless twenty something looking beast rather than the original run from the 80’s where the character looked to be in his forties and hadn’t bought a new suit since the 19th century.

The Dial

Interestingly I, Vampire doesn’t have the ‘Vampire’ dial we got used to seeing with several Marvel characters (Dracula, Black Queen, Jubilee) and instead has an alternate KO dial. An alternate KO dial is when a character is defeated by reaching a certain condition rather than revealing a KO click. In I, Vampire’s case this happens on his lower 75pt dial when he crosses the red line.

I, Vampire can be played at either 75pts for 6 clicks of health or 170pts for 9 clicks of health. With Flight and Indomitable, I, Vampire has the named Justice League Dark keyword and the generic Monster Keyword. His singular trait, Rise of the Vampires and Beyond, explains how he is defeated for each of his point levels.

The dial is decent enough off the top click with 9 Movement Charge, 10 Attack Blades/Claws/Fangs, 17 Defense with Toughness and 2 Damage with Exploit Weakness. This is a great power combination. You get to move in and deal penetrating damage at either his printed 2 or roll for that Blades (which at a 1 in 6 chance of doing worse, there’s not much risk for that roll)

His powers come in waves of two. He keeps that top combo for another click before switching to two clicks of Hypersonic Speed, Steal Energy and Close Combat Reflexes. His stats don’t drop too dramatically and the maneuverability of his Hypersonic allows him a better chance to get that Steal Energy off before getting blasted himself. His next two clicks have Phasing/Teleport, Steal Energy, Super Senses and Outwit. This is the weakest his dial gets and puts him more into a defensive position. If you paid 75pts for him, this would be the end of his dial.

At his highest point value he has access to three more clicks of awesome to represent gaining the Vampire Horde at the end of the Rise of Vampires storyline. He becomes the Ultimate Vampire, giving him Hypersonic Speed (with an 11 Movement) the Mystics Team Ability and his powers can no longer be countered. He’s Empowered by Cain’s Demise, which is his Stop Click that will stop his dial from turning when this click is revealed due to taking damage from an opposing character’s attack and can’t be ignored (no pulse waving past this one) alongside an 11 Attack, an 18 Defense with Impervious and 5 Damage with Resurrection Energies. This final Special Power gives him Probability Control as well as being able to heal each adjacent friendly character of 1 Damage with a power action. This is not the kind of click you want to see pop up on the other side of the table.

He loses his stop click on his last two clicks (which doesn’t make him as much of a threat as Sodom Yat was with a dial like this) in favour of Steal Energy but his stats still stay high and he’s still got that Mystics to punish you for hitting him.

Overall I, Vampire is a great addition to Justice League Dark. He may not be ideal at his 75pts, though he may fill in some space on a Monster team at that point level. His big draw is his top dial and the punishment he’s prepared to dish out once he becomes the Ultimate Vampire. He’ll definitely be one to look out for in sealed (won’t be as much as an auto play as Sodom Yat was) and can make for some nasty Monster teams. Steal Energy for the win.


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