Trinity War – Tim Hunter Figure Review


~ Amber

The mystical and the magical are coming to Trinity War and are joined by the boy wizard Tim Hunter. Yet another character from DC’s darker Vertigo line that got folded into the franchise wide reboot of Nu52. Hunter is now seen alongside a vast array of other magical characters in Justice League Dark.

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The Sculpt

For all intents and purposes this sculpt is pretty bland. For a character who has access to magic they could have done at least something more. Although having the stack of books in the background is a nice touch and keeps it from being just a random guy standing on a base. Also the only thing to say, yes this is Justice League Dark Tim and not Books of Magic Tim is his blue sweater (which I think is kind of funny)

The Dial

Tim comes in at 58pts of mediocre stats, with 6 Range, the named Justice League Dark keyword and generic Mystical keyword. Tim is one of those characters where you need to have his card for him to make any kind of impact. What I mean by that is, so much of his potential comes from his trait and his special powers that his stats come across as easily dismissible.

His trait, Expelled Unnatural Magic, makes it so that himself as well as any adjacent friendly character with the Justice League Dark keyword can’t be targeted by opposing characters’ Probability Control. This is a huge ability. Any time you can have control over an opponent’s powers makes a big impact on a game. Stopping a character from being ability to use a power just by existing is incredibly useful. Not to mention that this is a trait, something that’s not going to be countered.

On his top click he has Phasing/Teleport, although given his trait he’s likely going to be carried around more often than not. We also see both his Defense and Damage Special Power. His Defense power, Everyone’s Annoyingly Concerned for my Welfare, gives him a situational form of Defend. Before any Attack Roll is made (Not specifically against him, which will help him if he gets caught in the AoE of an Energy Explosion) he can replace his Defense Value with an unmodified Defense Value of an adjacent friendly Justice League Dark character. Once again you see the need to keep him close to other JLD characters.

Then you have his Damage Power, Mentored by the Trenchcoat Brigade, which allows you to give him a Free Action to copy all the powers possessed by a friendly adjacent Mystical keyworded character, so long as they have one or more action token, until the beginning of your next turn. Important thing to note on this is that you are copying the powers possessed by that character. You aren’t going to copy anything they are getting from outside sources, like relics, resources, entities, etc. It also stands to reason that you will copy Special Powers in the same way that Hope Summers does, where any instance of Character X’s name will be replaced with Tim Hunter.

These powers are present for three clicks, which is the majority of his dial. On his final click we see some impressive looking stats and power combinations. He has an 11 Movement with Running Shot, 12 Attack with Destined to be the World’s Greatest Magician, 18 Defense with Impervious and 4 Damage with Perplex. To top that all off his Special Power there gives him Energy Shield/Deflection, Probability Control, Pulse Wave, Super Senses, and Willpower. This is a whole whack of excellent powers making this Tim’s God Click. However if not played carefully, you may never see this click given the fact that he only has 4 clicks of health and the average character nowadays does 3 or more Damage.

Overall Tim can be a great support click but he’s really only good on a Justice League Dark theme team. So many of his powers and his longevity in the game are solely dependent on the team you put him on. He is not the character that you want to see in your pack during a sealed tournament


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