Trinity War – Vandal Savage Figure Review


~ Amber

Continuing on with our Trinity War Previews we take a look at the immortal villain who has lived many lives and conquered just as many Empires – Vandal Savage. This is only the second time we’ve seen him in Clix and his previous iteration in Origins was not the best representation of the character.

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The Sculpt

This time around Vandal Savage does look the part of the formidable foe. The ‘Come at me Bro’ pose actually kind of a works for a man who has seen it all and fears little. His outfit is well designed, modeled after his elegant look in Trinity War when he joins the Secret Society of Super Villains rather than the barbarian get up he’s seen in during Demon Knights.

The Dial

Given the nature of this character, a man of ancient origins who claims to have been Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, and Vlad Tepes amongst many others we could have very well seen him sporting a mechanic similar to that of Bizzaro’s Orazzib tokens or the Beyonder’s Corporeal Form tokens. Instead we’re seeing a take on what is colloquially referred to as a Bizzaro Dial with a random assortment of powers – though this is not a true Bizzaro dial, as the stats don’t increase in a steady progression.

Vandal can be played at either 250pts for 11 clicks of health or 160pts for 6 clicks of health. He has indomitable and the named keywords Demon Knights, Injustice Society and Secret Society of Super Villains along with generic Past and Ruler.

He has two traits, the first being Seemingly Immortal which allows him to heal 1 damage if he has two actions tokens after you’ve cleared for the turn. This is a fun trait. There was a Red She-Hulk in Fear Itself that did this and I can’t tell you how many times I had her pushed to heal her of that 1 damage. Given the fact that he’s Indomitable there’s no real fear to pushing him and it allows him to heal 1 when you do, however with how random his dial is it might not always put you in the best position.

His second trait, I Was Alexander, Genghis, Vlad . . . is similar to Superman’s Inspiring Hero, except this is only a bonus to Attack on a successful Leadership roll. However where he one ups the Man of Steel is that this is a trait, something he’ll have his entire dial and won’t be outwitted. This gives you a 1 in 3 chance every turn of Vandal having +1 to his Attack (as well as every other friendly character) There really is no downside to this and should be rolled every turn regardless of whether you can use the other benefits a successful Leadership roll will give you.

His powers, like I mentioned, are everywhere. His Movement flip flops between Charge, Flurry, Stealth and Plasticity with no discernible pattern. His Attack switches between Super Strength and his Special Power Trained in Every Style of Fighting, allowing him to use Close Combat Expert and Probability Control (but only for that specific action) and two clicks of Steal Energy late dial. His Defense powers have the closest thing to a pattern, starting at Toughness, then switching to Invulnerability and finally Invincible before ramping back down in reverse order (except for click 10, just to be a jerk) Finally his Damage powers switch between Shape Change, Tactician That Won a Thousand Wars, and Outwit. His Special Power there allows him to use Outwit and Perplex at a Range of 8 and Improved Targeting: Ignore Characters.

With his smattering of traits and powers it’s easy to see why he’s as expensive as he is though with his dial being as inconsistent as it is there may be better options out there for 250pts. Even at 160pts his dial isn’t exactly trust worthy and there’s nothing that really sets him apart that’ll see him at higher level tournaments. However he does have a nice mix of Keywords (including the brand new Demon Knights which we’ve only seen on Etrigan so far) which could see him played in some Theme Teams.


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