Trinity War – The Outsider a and b Figure Review


~ Amber

We’re back with more Trinity War previews and this time around we have an invasion from Earth 3.

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The Sculpt

As far as evil butlers go this sculpt of Alfred is pretty on par. He may not be holding a serving tray this time around but he’s still imposing enough to make you feel like this is a guy you shouldn’t be messing with. Also this is a man in a purple suit, no one messes with a man in a purple suit. Pimp Alfred FTW.

The Dial

The Outsider comes in at 66pts for 5 clicks of health with 3 Range, both the Crime Syndicate and the Calculator Team Ability, and the named Crime Syndicate and Secret Society of Super Villains keywords. His singular trait, A Different Kind of Butler, allows The Outsider to take one unavoidable damage instead of a friendly character taking an action token for the use of Probability Control. This will work with both the Crime Syndicate Team Ability and Theme Team Probability Control. Not to mention if you come up against Pandora from the Convention Exclusive Trinity of Sin Team Base. This can help turn Outsider’s dial to reveal his Special Attack Power.

His stats are mediocre at best but if The Outsider is doing your attacking you’ve probably got bigger problems to worry about. Starting out he’s got Stealth with an 8 Movement, Smoke Cloud with a 9 Attack, Willpower with a 16 Defense and Outwit with 2 Damage. This power set is the same on the following click. This keeps him away from the battle, throwing up some Smoke Cloud’s to help your other characters while keeping himself free of pushing damage. He’s not amazing for his Outwit, given that he’ll be using the minimum 6 Range for the power but it could still come in handy if someone shows up in your face.

On click 3 we see his powers change. Stealth becomes Phasing/Teleport, Smoke Cloud becomes Dimensional Portal, Willpower becomes Energy Shield/Deflection and Outwit becomes Support. Dimensional Portal allows you to give The Outsider a power action to place 2 friendly characters that share a keyword with him into squares adjacent to him and then use Smoke Cloud as a free action. These friendly characters won’t be able to be given a Non Free Actions until your next turn. Now that’s not to say they couldn’t have been given a Non Free Action already. They also can be anywhere on the map before pulling them back to you. Might be a good way to smash face and then get the hell out of dodge.

He keeps this power set for another click until you get to his final click where he regains Stealth, maintains his Dimensional Portal and gains Regeneration to give you a chance to do it all over again. Keep in mind that a maximum Regen roll will bring The Outsider back to his top click.

Overall he’s a very nice Support Piece that helps from far away. He soaks up any Prob action tokens you might have been taking and isn’t really afraid to take that unavoidable damage given that his powers just get better. He’ll likely become a target given what he can do but he’s also not the kind of guy you want to throw into the fight to begin with. The only downside is the fact that his Dimensional Portal has to be characters that share a keyword with him but there are enough tricky ways to acquire keywords out there if need be.

Now we turn to the Prime version, who though not an evil version of Alfred Pennyworth is still named the Outsider.

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The Sculpt

As is customary the b version of a prime set is the same sculpt with either a change in colour or limb. In Michael’s case, he’s both. His suit is now white and he has a different head than Alfred did. He’s still got that don’t mess with me pose and vibe. A man in a white suit is much more dangerous than one in a purple suit, he’s more likely to have many scary men on his payroll to do the dirty work for him. Unlike Alfred who comes from the Nu52’s version of the Crime Syndicate in Trinity War, this Outsider hails from the Flashpoint storyline (that created the Nu52 universe in the first place).

The Dial

The b version on this prime comes in at 117pts for 6 clicks of health with the Hypertime Team Ability, 5 Range, Indomitable, Improved Movement: Ignore Hindering, and the named keyword Flashpoint and the generic keyword Ruler. His first trait Sinkhole, is twofold. At the beginning of the game you may reduce all elevation levels by 1, with none going lower than 1 – so basically you can flatten all the buildings on the map (or bring an elevation 3 down to a 2, 4 down to a 3 and so on and so forth) It also allows him to use Quake and if he has two action tokens he can use it as a free action. This can be a very potent trait and can help eliminate some of the disadvantages of losing map choice.

His second trait, Indian Empire of Crime is just awesome. He ignores other character’s Shape Change (take that Star Sapphires) damage he deals can’t be transferred (no Mastermind for you) and he can’t be targeted by opposing characters’ outwit unless they are adjacent to him.

His stats are actually pretty average for clicks these days and don’t drop too drastically as his Dial turns. At the top of his dial he has 10 Movement with Charge, 11 Attack with Super Strength, 17 Defense with Impervious and 3 Damage with I’m Not One of You and I Don’t Belong Here. This Special Damage Power allows him to use Side Step while adjacent to an opposing character and can break away for free. This works nicely with his trait that keeps opponents from Outwitting him unless adjacent.

This power set is present for the next click and is followed by two clicks of Flurry, Precision Strike, Toughness and Outwit. The next click he keeps the Flurry and Precision Strike (which is a very nice combo) but loses toughness and that outwit returns to his Special Damage Power. His final click, Charge and Super Strength return and we see Probability Control for the first time.

Overall he’s definitely more of an attacker than his A version. It’s actually rather nice that none of his powers are dependent on keywords and he’s just as strong regardless of the team you put him on. Being able to level elevation is also a nice touch when you don’t care to put him on a theme team. There’s nothing that at the moment screams Meta but he’ll definitely make for a good close combat attacker.




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