Married With Clix – Justice League Trinity War Unboxing


Jason and Amber chase the White Rabbit while unboxing Justice League Trinity War


Married with Clix Win-A-Map a first showing for the ROC in the GTA


In our first event at the Comic Warehouse in Brampton, Amber and Jason took it upon themselves to run an ROC Win-A-Map tournament to serve as a feeder event for the ROC Eastern Canada Super Qualifier.

First place in addition to the standard Win-A-Map prizes, Winner received free entry into the ROC in Windsor and a few extras courtesy of Jason and Amber. The weather was somewhat rough, but are you really going to stop us from braving the snow to heroclix?


Action from the early rounds!

23 people braved the snow to test their chops with their ideas for teams to play in the Super Qualifier. After 3 rounds of Swiss pairings, we cut to the top 8 of the tournament so without further adieu

8th Place 

Kyle Thomas

Kyle Rayner w/ Nurse – 190pts

Banshee – 98pts

Total – 288pts

7th Place

Michael Bentley

Highfather – 130pts

Hope Summers – 75pts

Turtle – 50pts

Moira MacTaggary – 28pts

Blind Al – 13pts

Total – 296pts

6th Place

Demetrius Maragos

Superboy – 100pts

Banshee – 98pts

Maximus – 75pts

Weasel – 27pts

Total – 300pts

5th Place

Jordan Sheffer

Question(con exclusive) – 100pts

Banshee – 98pts

Weasel – 27pts

Blind Al – 13pts

Despotellis – 30pts

Batcycle (autopilot) – 25pts

Total – 293pts


The top 4 from left to right Trevor Vessair, Aden Pilon, Dan Upham, Rory Ruud

4th Place

Aden Pilon

Question (flash chase) – 100pts

Harley Quinn – 65pts

Dr. Fate – 100pts

S.T.A.R. Labs Technician – 33pts

Total 298pts

3rd Place

Dan Upham

Engineer – 90pts

Harley Quinn – 65pts

Gates – 60pts

Gamora – 55pts

Despotellis – 30pts

Total 300pts

2nd Place

Trevor Vessair

Zombie Super Skrull – 170pts

Brother Voodoo – 79pts

S.T.A.R. Labs Technician – 33pts

Blind Al – 13pts

Total – 296pts

1st Place

Rory Ruud

Dr. Strange – 90pts

Captain Marvel – 82pts

Despotellis – 30pts

Bill Agent of A.I.M. – 30pts

Blind Al – 13pts

Harley Quinn – 50pts

Total – 295pts


Rory Ruud winner of the the First ROC Win-A-Map at the Comic Warehouse, GOD DAMMIT MIKE PAYNE STOP PHOTO BOMBING ALL OUR WINNER PICS!!!!!!


Rory’s team pictured next to some of his prizing!

We would to take a chance to thank the Comic Warehouse for providing a wonderful friendly venue for the event as well as for staying open just a little extra to accommodate the event, and to all the players who came out to play. We’ve had a great positive response from all the players who came out.

Let’s take a second to go see some pics from the tournament


Action from the intense Top 8 matches


What are those old packs that are being opened????


Indy Clix Battle Royale????? MADNESS!!!!!

Didn't make the top 8? What do you do? PRACTICE MORE!

Didn’t make the top 8? What do you do? PRACTICE MORE!


Jason’s friend Chris (a regular at the Married with Clix table game), dropped by for a visit!


A Dice Masters game broke out even!


Action in the second round of Swiss


Top 4 revving up!


Swiss Round 3!

Of course never forget to check out the Comic Warehouse at 20 Strathearn Avenue in Brampton. A great place to play Heroclix every Saturday at 1:00pm!

Hell Hath No Fury – A Valentine’s Day Scenario



“Heav’n has no rage like love to hatred turn’d / Nor Hell a fury, like a woman scorn’d.”

It’s that time of year where hearts and Cupid have run rampant and even in the Heroclix community there’s no escaping the rush of tournaments and scenarios built to reflect this holiday love. Since I’m not a huge fan of Valentine’s Day I figured it’d be fun to give you guys a slightly different Valentine’s Day Scenario.


300 point Modern Age No Tactics

The Highest point figure on your team must be of the female persuasion (Something like Dire Wraith Queen would qualify whereas Predator is considered to be male)

Each Player must bring 5 tokens that will represent The Exes (these can be anything from poker chips to Lego figures to bystander tokens)

Set Up

Each Team is set up as per usual Heroclix rules.

Each Player places their Exes on the map at least 5 squares away from each starting area.

Scenario Gameplay – Special Exes Rules

* Exes are considered Friendly characters for the player that placed them on the map

* Exes do not move

* Exes can be carried as if they were a character

* Exes are not affected by Energy Explosion, Pulse Wave, or Quake

* Destroying an Ex – Characters may be given a power action to roll 2d6 and add their attack value. If the result is equal to or higher than 18 and the Ex is dealt at least 3 damage it is destroyed.

Victory Points

At the end of the game each Destroyed Ex is worth 25 Victory Points