Trinity War – Frankenstein Figure Review


~ Amber

Magicians, Monsters and Mystics Oh My! Justice League Dark continues it’s invasion of Trinity War.

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The Sculpt

The last time we saw Frankenstein was in the Arkham Asylum set where he looked like the classic Boris Karloff monster. Much like most things the Monster has been updated within the Nu52 universe and given a more modern monster look, which apparently includes some body armour and a torn denim jacket. The action pose is nice looking though this is going to be one of those sculpts that will be impossible to find a straight sword on.

The Dial

Frankenstein is 93pts for 8 clicks of health, Indomitable and 4 Range. He has a whole whack of keywords including the generic Monster, Past and Soldiers ones along with the named Creature Commandos, Justice League Dark and Seven Soldiers keyword – one of which is brand new.

While Frankenstein’s stats are pretty average, you’d expect at least a little more damage out of the Monster, though thankfully the only stat that really drops is his Movement. On the top of his dial he has a 9 Movement with Charge, 10 Attack with Archangel’s Sword, 17 Defense with Toughness and 3 Damage. His Special Attack Power allows him to use Blades Claws Fangs and on a result of 4 to 6 hit characters can’t be healed for the rest of the game (even if this power is lost) This does make up for his lower Damage and giving his Blades an extra effect makes it more beneficial to roll for. If you’ve read my reviews before you know how much I loath having Blades Claws Fangs on a click that already deals 3 Damage. It gives you a 50% chance of doing more damage, a 1 in 6 chance of doing the same amount of damage and a 1 in 3 chance of doing less damage (which with the rampant use of damage reducers is likely not to do any damage at all) However this allows you to have a 50% chance of keeping that character from healing the rest of the game and may be worth that extra risk.

His second click has the same power set and on his third click he loses Charge to gain Necronauts, he keeps Archangel’s Sword and Toughness and gains Outwit. This power set remains for the following click as well. His Special Movement Power there allows a mini advance on a Justice League Dark Theme Team. If Frankenstein or a Friendly Character KOs an opposing character 50pts or more all characters with the JLD keyword can be given a move action as a free action. The next two clicks he keeps Necronauts and gains Combat Reflexes and Close Combat Expert. Frankenstein is already a character that you want to keep in people’s faces despite his lowered (or lack thereof) damage reducers. I personally love seeing this combination. He gets +2 to his Defense for being in Close Combat, bringing that 16 Defense up to an 18 and he can then increase his Attack, which at this point is a 9, to an 11 or to a 10 and his Damage to a 5 or if you’re really confident bring that Damage up to a 6. This is where you see Frankenstein shine.

His last two clicks he doesn’t have any Special Powers but he does have Sidestep to go with that Combat Reflexes/Close Combat Expert combo and his final click gives him Regeneration to try it all over again – a Maximum Regen roll bringing him back to his Archangel’s Sword/Outwit click.

Overall Frankenstein is a good Bruiser for the Justice League Dark team and considering so many of those are finesse-y Ranged Combat Attackers it’s nice to have someone you can through into the fray while sniping with your others. He’ll be a good piece to pull in sealed even though his Necronauts power may not be as useful in that format and he’ll definitely be a good addition to a JLD team. There’s nothing that makes him stand out too much for Competitive Play but someone may find a way to manipulate that Necronauts power.


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