Trinity War – Green Lantern Figure Review


~ Amber

Too Soon? Naturally in a set featuring the Trinity War we get to see the Green Lantern of the Government Sanctioned Justice League of America but after getting one in War of Light how does Simon Baz match up?

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The Sculpt

There are actually very few flying sculpts in this set which puts this one a bit apart from the others we’ve seen so far. He’s in a typical Green Lantern show off your ring pose with a nice whoosh of translucent green plastic underneath. Given that there’s no need for a Construct slot this time around I actually prefer this sculpt of Simon to the one given out during War of Light.

The Dial

Simon is 96pts with the Wing Symbol, 7 Range, The Justice League Team Ability and the Green Lantern Team Ability (which could allow him to carry up 8 characters in a move action that doesn’t count towards your action total for the turn) He has the named Green Lantern Corps. and Justice League of America Keywords.

At the top of his dial Simon’s stats are at the standard for clicks these days with an 11 Movement with Charge, 10 Attack with Telekinesis, 17 Defense with Willpower and 3 Damage with Enhancement. The following click sees the same power set with a slight drop in his Movement. Click three is almost the same though he now loses his Charge. By click four we see a change in his power set. He gains Running Shot, Willpower Through My Gun, Protecting My New Friends and Ranged Combat Expert. He keeps these for the rest of his dial, though his final click he loses Running Shot.

His Special Attack Power gives him Improved Targeting: Ignore Hindering, Ignore Opposing Characters, and may make a ranged attack targeting an adjacent opposing character. This does give him a lot of versatility when it comes to targeting opposing characters and does match well with both Running Shot or Ranged Combat Expert (two powers that can’t be used together and always bothers me to see on the same click) His Special Defense Power allows him to use Barrier and Combat Reflexes. When he uses his Barrier he can place an extra marker next to each Friendly character within his range so long as they also have the Justice League of America keyword (these extra markers don’t need to be adjacent to any of the other Barrier markers) This is a great defensive power and can be a very effective barrier, even just a single square of blocking terrain can do a lot to mess with Line of Fire. The biggest downside of both of these powers is that they are hidden halfway through his dial.

Overall this Green Lantern comes across as a very expensive support piece. His top dial is rather average and all of his good powers are deep into his dial. With the fact that he has no damage reducers he may be taken out before you ever get his points worth out of him. He can be a good Taxi with his Green Lantern Team Ability and you can easily get use out of his Telekinesis but there are many figures that can do the same or more for less. Coming on the heels of the War of Light Simon Baz this one falls a little short.


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