Trinity War – Power Ring Figure Review


~ Amber

We’re getting treated to a whole subset of Crime Syndicate and it makes me very, very happy.

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The Sculpt

Not the worst sculpt out there and much better than the last time we saw Power Ring (if only because of those horrid flight stands placed precariously on peanut bases) Looking at the sculpt we can likely expect Power Ring to be one solid piece with the translucent green plastic there being flat on the back like we’ve seen in the past. It’s definitely easy to see that this is the evil twin of Hal Jordan as the sculpt uses the design of Earth 3 Power Ring from Nu52 – whereas last time we had Harrolds version of Power Ring in the Justice League set.

The Dial

Power Ring is one of the less expensive figures of the Crime Syndicate coming in at 70pts for 6 clicks of health, the Wing Symbol, Sharpshooter, the Crime Syndicate Team Ability and 6 Range. He has the generic Cosmic and Herald keywords alongside the named Crime Syndicate one. He has a singular trait, The Ring is Killing Me – when Power Ring is given a non free action that’s not a move action roll a D6, and on a 1 or 2 deal him 1 unavoidable damage. It’s nice and thematic for the character but that trait alone might keep him out of competitive play.

Looking at the dial itself Power Ring has average stats that don’t drop too drastically as he gets damaged. On top dial he has 10 Movement with We’re Going Somewhere? 9 Attack with Telekinesis, 17 Defense with Energy Shield/Deflection, and 3 Damage with Power of Volthoom’s Ring. His Special Movement power allows for a nice little taxi, he can use Phasing/Teleport and when he uses Carry he can carry up to 3 characters that share a Keyword with him regardless of their speed symbols (which will allow him to bring Ultraman, Superwoman and Deathstorm into the fight) His Special Damage Power is a Perplex that shuts down others’ Perplex. He can use it normally and opposing characters within 6 squares can’t use Perplex to target a character of a higher point value than their own. This is actually rather effective given that most Perplexers are lower on the point spectrum. This also doesn’t specify which type of character, so your big bruiser won’t be getting that stat boost from his support piece if Power Ring is close by.

As his dial turns he flip flops between power sets. Click two has Running Shot, Pulse Wave, Willpower and Enhancement, the following click returns to We’re Going Somewhere?, Telekinesis, Energy Shield/Deflection and Power of Volthoom’s Ring then the next returns to Running Shot, Pulse Wave, Willpower, and Enhancement. I’m not a huge fan of flip flop dials but they can be useful in remembering a character’s power sets. His last two clicks switch power sets again giving him Phasing/Teleport, Willpower and Power of Volthoom’s Ring.

Overall he’s not a horrible piece and comes out above the previously previewed Green Lantern, if only for his lower Point Cost, built in Probability Control and his ability to shut down opponents Perplex. His Trait may be a hindrance but with strategic maneuvering and lucky dice rolls it may not be too troublesome. He’ll be fun to see used as a Taxi for the Crime Syndicate but may not be enough to worm his way into Competitive play.


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