Trinity War – Zatanna Figure Review



The sexiest thing to grace the Justice League Dark has made her way into Trinity War.

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The Sculpt

I’m personally more a fan of her traditional Magician’s Costume (as my 2014 con cosplay can attest to) but this is a very sexy sculpt all the same and it nicely showcases her Nu52 costume. It also gives us a bit of show with her powers. The action pose is great though I’m a little worried about the stability of her back leg there. I foresee many a Zatannas coming off their bases.

The Dial

Zatanna is 120pts for 6 clicks of health with the Wing Symbol, 6 Range with 2 Targets and the Justice League and Mystics Team Abilities. She has the Generic Celebrity and Mystical Keywords along with the named Justice League Dark and Shadowpact keywords.

Zatanna’s dial is like nothing we have ever seen in Clix before. Her trait introduces a brand new mechanic that is so incredible thematic for her I’m beyond words how excited I am to test this out. Ananym allows you to play Zatanna in two distinct ways. When you place your characters on the map for the beginning of the game you can choose to either play Zatanna forwards or Backwards. Playing her forwards starts her on click 1 and turns her dial clockwise while taking damage (going from click 1 to 2 to 3) When you play her backwards Zatanna starts on click 6 and turns her dial counterclockwise when she takes damage (going from click 6 to 5 to 4) Due to the nature of this power her stats work in a U pattern starting higher and ending high. This also allows you to chose which one you’d like to play in a Tournament as your choice will come after you’ve seen your opponent’s team.


Forward Zatanna is an attacker, her first click having 9 Movement with Running Shot, 11 Attack with gnignitS skcigaM, 17 Defense with Energy Shield/Deflection and 3 Damage with Outwit. Her Special Attack Power gives her Penetrating/Psychic Blast and Precision Strike which will help her get around many of the more annoying Defense Abilities. She keeps this power set for another click before switching to her mid dial power set which includes Pulse Wave, Toughness and pleH mehT. This Special Damage power allows use to give Zatanna a free action to choose either Barrier and Perplex or Enhancement and Probability Control, the chosen powers last until her next turn. The next click has Pulse Wave, Toughness and Support. Then we get into her Support clicks which has Sidestep, Telekinesis, Defend and Support and her final click has pleH mehT instead of Support.


Backward Zatanna is a support heavy character, as you can tell from turning her Forward dial. Her top dial (click 6 in this case) has a 9 Movement with Sidestep, 9 Attack with Telekinesis, 17 Defense with Defend and 2 Damage with her Special Damage Power that allows you to choose from Barrier and Perplex or Enhancement and Probability Control. The only thing that could make this better is having a slightly higher Defense to go with that Defend. This moves along to Sidestep, Telekinesis, Defend and Support before gaining two clicks of Pulse Wave and Toughness with the first having Support and the second regaining pleH mehT. She finishes off her dial on the offensive with two clicks of Running Shot, sgnignitS skcigaM (Precision Strike and Penetrating/Psychic Blast) Energy Shield/Deflection and Outwit.

Overall this is an incredibly fun and versatile figure. She may be a little costly at 120pts but with Mystics mixed into the mix she’s going to be punishing opponents for hurting her as well. I can’t wait for the confusion she’ll cause though when players forget which way her dial is turning (I’m evil, I know) She can be either a good attacker or a fantastic support piece for a Justice League Dark team and thankfully doesn’t have any powers that require her to be on a Theme Team. Being a Super Rare she may not be ideal for sealed but can be of much use in constructed. I think her point cost will keep her out of Competitive play unfortunately.


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