The Road to Windsor is a Winding Road


As the series of feeder tournaments to the Windsor ROC continue, Jason had a chance to compete in 2 more events since the initial tournament at the Comic Warehouse.

The day after (February 22nd) Jason travelled to Whitby, Ontario top arrive at Comic Book Addiction at 1022 Brock St. S.

A little tired from the Comic Warehouse and the trip, Jason

Jason faced the initial 3 swiss rounds in this event with 14 people in attendance, and was not successful at all as dice would forsake him for fundamental rolls that involved many careless risks allowing his opponents to capitalize and destroy him. After the cuts to swiss we saw 4 combatants enter strong and when the smoke settled, the top 4 looked like this


From left to right (Kevin (last name unknown), Mike Anderson, Dan Upham, Patrick Chow)

1st – Dan Upham

SLOSH – Gates – 60pts
WOL – Despotellis – 30pts
FLASH – Engineer – 90pts
FLASH – Harley Quinn – 65pts
GOTG – Gamora – 55pts

2nd – Mike Anderson

FI – Red She-Hulk – 119pts
M10 – Dark Phoenix – 100pts
ASM – Brother Voodoo -79pts

3rd – Patrick Chow

FLASH – Captain Cold – 100pts
M10 – Dark Phoenix – 100pts
GOTG – Proxima Midnight -100pts

4th – Kevin (last name unknown)

WKM – Gladiator – 150pts
TWGF – Lex Luthor – 100pts
FLASH – Turtle – 50pts


Rory once again, stands triumphant

With some lessons learned but originality tossed to the curb, Jason went on the next Saturday Feb 28th to Black Knight Games at 868 Mohawk Rd E in Hamilton. A much smaller attendance which was unfortunate as Black Knight Games is a beautiful venue housing a fantastic play space. The venue played a round robin with Comic Warehouse’s winner Rory Ruud,once again taking the top spot.

1st – Rory Ruud

WATX – Magneto – 65pts
WATX – Shatterstar – 73pts
DP – Black Talon – 60pts
DP – Blind Al – 13pts
ASM – Brother Voodoo -79pts

2nd – Jason Collins
SLOSH – Gates – 60pts
WOL – Despotellis – 30pts
FLASH – Engineer – 90pts
FLASH – Harley Quinn – 65pts
GOTG – Gamora – 55pts

3rd – Jacob Ritums
WOL – Kyle Rayner w/ Wall 190pts
SOG – Autopilot Batcycle – 25pts
FLASH – Turtle 50pts
WOL – Despotellis – 30pts

4th – Eric Fisher
TOS – Green Arrow – 135pts
FI – Loki – 30pts
SLOSH – Bizarro – 100pts
DP – Weasel – 27pts

Congrats to the winners so far and good luck to those playing Wednesday at the Wizard’s Cache at 33 Bloor St West in Toronto for that last second grinder for free entry and that last chance to give your team with Trinity War figures a try.


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