2014 Player’s Guide Reference


In the summer Wizkids launched the Official WES Rules Forum giving players a direct line to the Rules Team to get answers and clarifications on their current line of competitive games (Namely Heroclix,  Attack Wing and Dicemasters) Their goal has been to be more connected and interactive with their player base and so far it’s been a great resource.

The next step has been to do away with the old and outdated Player’s Guide, that was only updated twice a year, and bring it to a more accessible forum for the players – this of course being utilizing the WES Forum to actively update the Player’s Guide with important Erratas and Clarifications. However, with most things this sort of undertaking takes time. While the transition is happening the current 2014 Player’s Guide (for Heroclix) was removed from the Heroclix site.

So here’s a reference for those that need it during this time of transition. Hopefully it won’t be needed for long and we can all take advantage of the new active Clarifications and Erratas list that Wizkids is putting together for us.





HeroClix-Players-Guide-Section-05-Team-Abilities-2014-01 (1)


HeroClix-Players-Guide-Section-07-Objects-Resources-and-Hordes-2014-01 (1)



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