The Ingredients Issue #1 – A Meta Lab Production


~ Jordan

This first article is about the Batcycle (SOGV 001A) and Banshee (DP 051) and the major utility that they can bring to a team.

First we start with the Batcycle:

DC HeroClix Streets of Gotham #V001 Batcycle

batcycle dial and powers

The Batcycle rings in at a grand total of 50 points for the Piloted version and a very economical 25 points for the Auto Piloted version making it very easy to fit into a team. At 25 points the Auto Piloted version provides almost unparalleled mobility with the ability to carry 2 (+1 tiny) figures over 8-9 squares. On top of the aforementioned details it has the following Special Attack Power:

TRAILING DARKNESS: Batcycle can use Smoke Cloud as a free action immediately after the resolution of an action in which it moved, but the first hindering terrain marker must be placed in a square moved through by Batcycle this turn.

That’s a great power when combined with it’s Batman Ally Team Ability and any wildcards on your team. That provides a hindering terrain bonus of +1 to any friendly characters Defense Value from Ranged Attacks that shoot through your Smoke Cloud or Stealth. Simply put; you get all that for only 25 points! To say I haven’t found these on almost every Stealth oriented team I make, would be a lie!

The 50 point version has the TRAILING DARKNESS Attack Power, a higher Defense Value, a late dial Perplex, a longer dial, Running Shot on more clicks and 2 new abilities that the cycle can use when it is Piloted.

PILOT ABILITY: FAMILIAR CONTROLS: Prerequisites: Batman Ally Team Ability or Batman Family Keyword. Batcycle can use Stealth and Outwit.

This is a little redundant because it gives Stealth to a character who has the Batman Ally Team Ability but is handy if the Pilot doesn’t have the TA. Outwit is OUTWIT period!

PILOT ABILITY: HELPED REBUILD IT: Prerequisites: Alfred Pennyworth, Batgirl, Batman, Batwoman, Bruce Wayne, Robin or Nightwing. Batcycle modifies its attack and defense values by +1.

Another great power if you happen to be piloting it with someone from the Batman Family.

The cheapest Pilot you can give the Batcyle, that let’s you use both powers, is the 6 point HT B001 Alfred Pennyworth Bystander for a grand total of 56 points. In Modern you have only more expensive options with BM 031 Alfred Pennyworth being your best bet for a grand total of 94 points.

I personally enjoy playing the Batcycle at its 25 point dial. Giving me quick early game movement, free Stealth 2/3’s of the time, and a possible 2-3 figure carry. The third being a tiny-sized figure like Despotellis.

Here’s an example of a team with the auto-piloted version:

SOGV001A Batcycle (Autopilot) 25
JLTW051 Batman 150
WOL099 Despotellis 30
FL060R Engineer 90
Total: 295

With a build like this you get pretty good protection using Stealth. Also with proper positioning you can keep Despotellis from being a target as well. Your whole team is mobile through the action of one figure. The team also works against teams who Ignore Hindering. Use your Batcycle as a shield, who cares if you kill it? In most cases the attacking figure should be within Range for a counter attack. Your counter attack should be worth more than the 25 points you lost. This team still has really good mobility after the Batcycle dies. This is because you still have Engineer who’s a flyer, Batman who’s a walker, and Despotellis that’s tiny sized.
Now on to Banshee:


banshee dial and powers

Banshee is the type of figure that you grab when you’re like, “do I really want to deal with reducers or super senses? No, I don’t think so”.
Banshee hates reducers and Super Senses so much that he not only stops you from using them, when you’re within six squares, he also does extra damage if he was Ignoring one of those Powers. OH DAYUMN! To back it up he’s got a 6 Movement Running Shot, Ignores Elevated and Hindering for Targeting, 8 Range, 11 Attack, 18 Defense. Let’s just be clear Banshee is no 200 point figure, no. He comes in at the light-weight cost of only 98 points. The only additional Power I could ever ask for in a figure like this would be WILLPOWER, but this Banshee is strong as it is and would have to cost more otherwise.

Banshee at 98 points gives you some serious options when countering a Tentpole and some even more in the way of points. He’s almost a Tentpole in build with only 1/3 of your total points, NUTS! He also has a pretty good set of Keywords with: Generation X, Horsemen of Apocalypse, Police, X-Corps, and X-Men. X-men and Police being some of my favourites. If you haven’t seen the new Owlman (FFJLTW 002) he grants characters that have the Gotham City or Police Keywords the Gotham City Underworld Keyword. You know what that means? Owlman at 150, Jake Williams’ Harley Quinn at 50 points, and Banshee at 98 points make a Gotham City Underworld team at 298 points! How’s that for team building?

On a serious note I think its important when using a figure like this to build with theme and get the choice of map. Ignoring Elevated Terrain for Targeting is something quite rare in the game and in many cases may make maps very unsafe for some teams to play on. Which is why I would push for anyone using Banshee to choose a map with tons of Elevated Terrain. Secondly I would suggest some kind of protection. Banshee, while being a monster on the battle field, is actually quite squishy. So bring some Barrier. Personally I like putting a Utility Belt (NML R100) on him and playing him with an Auto-Piloted Batcycle. Which gives Banshee that much needed WILLPOWER and STEALTH.

If you didn’t already know it, mobility is very important, and may make a game against a figure like KC Flash a walk in the park or a ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’. Having better movement options on a map is not only important for setting up your first strike, but also important in taking map control and valuable positions defensively.

Example of Banshee:
DP051 Banshee 98
WK-D008 Question 100
WOL099 Despotellis 30
SOGV001A Batcycle (Auto Piloted) 25
DP018 Blind Al 13
DP020 Weasel 27


Works much like the team mentioned above but with Banshee and Question being more of the shining stars as opposed to the Batman.

I hope you enjoyed the first issue of The Ingredients.


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