The Tolkien-Verse Issue #1 – A Meta Lab Production


The goal of this article series is to focus on the Tolkien based Heroclix characters, bystanders, and relics that are effective for their points, from the perspective of a player looking to play these at a non meta level tournament.

Dials that are well known due to being Meta, such as Arwen or the Worker Spider will not be discussed here as their usefulness is self-evident and documented. I will, for the most part, not say “play Christopher Lee with this resource”, as all figures get better with resources, and they are not difficult to use and varied enough that the reader can decide what to use to maximize a figure best.

LOTR015 Gollum:

For less than 50 points, this is quite a piece for the cost. The dial feels very much like Gollum, with his full dial of sneaky Stealth, combined with very useful and annoying powers. He’s packing a full dial of Enhancement, Perplex, and Support, balanced out with the potential cost of taking damage from using them. It’s important to keep in mind that Gollum makes only one roll for this power, no matter how many of the three powers he uses in a turn. Playing him on a Range based team, you’ll get your points worth from his Enhancement and Perplex alone.

Then there is also his great tie-up potential. He’s got decent Defenses for the investment, which works well with tricksy Super Senses. This, combined with Plasticity and his Stealth means that opponents will have to hit him in Close Combat while he hugs them real tight so they can’t go anywhere. He also has good movement numbers to get out of a sticky situation if he needs to. The Steal Energy can make up for the damage he’ll take from his power, and with his Perplex, he won’t be hitting with less than a 9 most of the time. No matter which of his two roles you use him for, he’s quite the investment.

I’d recommend him being used on a Monster or Brute team mostly, as they’re in need of the support. He could also be interesting on a Spy team as well, especially considering how many of them there are now.

LOTR018 Gandalf the Grey:

Courtesy of

How I love this guy. In terms of combat values, it’s hard to argue with his consistency and solid stats, never having less than a 10 Attack and 3 Damage offensively or an 11 Attack and 2 Damage with Perplex. Even at his worst defensively, with his end dial 15 Defense, he picks up surprise Invulnerability after an entire dial otherwise lacking Damage Reducers. He is also a great team player, with top dial Telekinesis and Leadership, that turns into Outwit and Perplex after one damage, which is why I tend to push him, ignoring Willpower. He also has a decent amount of Running Shot and good speed through the dial. As far as making sure his damage output and making sure it sticks goes, he’s covered. Even disregarding his Outwit, between his Pulse Wave with high Attack Values, and his high Damage Exploit Weakness, he will be ignoring a lot of your opponent’s Damage Reducers when attacking. This leaves his Outwit to be used on your opponent’s offensive capabilities.

Defensively, starting off with Super Senses for his point cost isn’t the best, but he at least has a solid 18 Defense that can become a 19 with his Perplex on the second click. The best parts of his dial have Energy Shield/Deflection, as it encourages the opponent to get in next to him, which is the best place to appreciate the sting of the Foe-Hammer. His end dial Quake synergizes well with his Defenses, as he can then attack all the foes who had based him at once, while the aforementioned surprise Invulnerability is helpful to help him buff out hits at the end of his dial. A well rounded and very interesting package.

I’d play him on a Mystical team more than Fellowship, with all the options that provides. I quite like playing him with ASM046 Ghost Rider, as they add up to 300pts exactly. Ghost Rider carries Gandalf, and Gandalf can use his Leadership on the Spirit of Vengeance. I also like playing Sir Ian with the Omega Drive and a Thule Priest to help him with the relic roll.

Hope you enjoyed this look at some overlooked clix of the Tolkien-Verse. Tune in next time for another look at some more figures.


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