Married With Clix Game 42 – 800pts


Colossal Week finished off with a massive 800pt Colossal on Colossal blood bath


Married with Clix at the Comic Warehouse – Win-A-Map #2


Once again the Married with Clix crew had the pleasure of running another Win-A-Map event, with part of the prizing leading to the Ontario Provincials at 401 Games.





After 3 rounds of Swiss we were left with 8 teams some established with little twists, others, more brave than the rest. So without further adieu, the top 8 teams were:

#1 Ryan Bell

Blind Al x2

Greed W/ Ophidian & Omega Drive

Highfather w/ Greed relic

Green Power battery

Sideline – Takion x2 & all Constructs

#2 Spencer Cowling

Doop w/ Ion & Gluttony relic

Gluttony w/ Prostelyte

Indigo Battery

Sideline: All Constructs

#3 Trevor Vessair

Zombie Super Skrull w/ Ophidian

Brother Voodoo

Orange Power Battery

Sideline: All Constructs

#4 Mike Payne

Kyle Rayner w/ Ophidian & Shield

Atomica w/ Ion

Orange Power Battery

Sideline: All Constructs

#5 Josh Benham


Fantomex w/ Parralax

Black Talon w/ Entity

Yellow Power Battery

Sideline: All Constructs

#6 Aden Pilon

The Question (flash chase) w/ Prostelyte

Doctor Fate


Indigo Power Battery

Sideline: All Constructs

#7 Patrick Chow

Thor (Age of Ultron starter) w/ Ophidian

Cat w/ Ion

Green Power Battery

Sideline: All Constructs

#8 Rory Ruud

Hulk (Age of Ultron Starter) w/ Secret Avengers ATA


Book of Skulls w/ 6 hammers

We Look forward to seeing everyone at the next stop en route to Provincials at Comic Book Addiction (1022 Brock St. South in Whitby) on Sunday June 7th 2015!