Married With Clix Game 44 – 500pts


Top off the weekend with a 500pt game Marvel Zombies vs New Warriors!


A Trip to Whitby – Win-A-Map to Provincials Continues


This weekend Jason had the pleasure of making a trip to Whitby, for a Win-A-Map event at Comic Book Addiction. Part of a series of tournaments leading up to the ROC Provincials on June 27th at 401 Games.

On this nice cool June afternoon 14 people found their way to the event. And after 3 rounds of Swiss pairings we we’re met with a colourful top 4.

From right to left, Mike Payne, Spencer Cowling, "Jimmy" Margos, Mike Bentley

From right to left, Mike Payne, Spencer Cowling, Demetrius “Jimmy” Maragos, Mike Bentley

First Place – Michael Bentley

Highfather – w/ Greed Relic & Ion

Greed w/ ophidian & omega drive

Blind Al

Ronin ID card

Green Battery

Sideline: 2x Takion & Ronin

Second Place – Spencer Cowling

Doop w/ Ion & Gluttony

Gluttony w/ Prostelyte

Indigo Battery

Third Place – Mike Payne

Kyle Rayner w/ Ion & Shield

Atomica w/ Ophidian

Orange Battery

Fourth Place – Demetrius “Jimmy” Maragos

Fantomex w/ Black Hand

Shatterstar w/ Ion

Green Battery

GOD DAMMIT MIKE KNOCK IT OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


As an aside Jason performed very well in his game but unfortunately had to take a first round 0 point loss as he forgot that the Phoenix Force is not allowed to be assigned to a 25 point Lockjaw. After the end of the first round Jason had a sudden realization and had to point it out the judge. He was then stuck in a rough spot where he had to hope his opponents were bringing some characters from off the board, but to no avail. He managed to place 5th, just outside of the single elimination bracket.

Next time he’ll know.

Overall it was a great time and a special thanks goes out to Ryan and Jane at Comic Book Addiction for running one heck of a tournament.