2015 Temporary Powers and Abilities Card


So recently we got a huge change and errata to a lot of combat abilities that are part of the PAC (Powers and Ability Card) namely Colossal Stamina, Giant Reach, Great Size, Tiny Size and Plasticity.

Unfortunately we won’t be getting a new PAC and Rulebook until the next Starter Set releases (which hopefully will be the TMNT Starter releasing next year and not the Civil War Starter due out next Summer)

In the meantime all the information can be found here:  Powers and Abilities Clarifications and Erratas

Earlier today Amber got bored and when she gets bored her creativity takes over and she came up with this 2015 Power and Abilities Temp Card all the wording is taken directly from the official errata page. Unfortunately it doesn’t have the new Size Chart with it’s new inherent abilities (which may end up being in the new Rulebook and not the PAC) but it is formated the same are the current 2014 PAC.


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