Married With Clix – Heroes in a Half Shell Review


Jason takes a closer look at the figures in the upcoming Heroes in a Half Shell Set.


A Trip to Whitby – Win-A-Map to Provincials Continues


This weekend Jason had the pleasure of making a trip to Whitby, for a Win-A-Map event at Comic Book Addiction. Part of a series of tournaments leading up to the ROC Provincials on June 27th at 401 Games.

On this nice cool June afternoon 14 people found their way to the event. And after 3 rounds of Swiss pairings we we’re met with a colourful top 4.

From right to left, Mike Payne, Spencer Cowling, "Jimmy" Margos, Mike Bentley

From right to left, Mike Payne, Spencer Cowling, Demetrius “Jimmy” Maragos, Mike Bentley

First Place – Michael Bentley

Highfather – w/ Greed Relic & Ion

Greed w/ ophidian & omega drive

Blind Al

Ronin ID card

Green Battery

Sideline: 2x Takion & Ronin

Second Place – Spencer Cowling

Doop w/ Ion & Gluttony

Gluttony w/ Prostelyte

Indigo Battery

Third Place – Mike Payne

Kyle Rayner w/ Ion & Shield

Atomica w/ Ophidian

Orange Battery

Fourth Place – Demetrius “Jimmy” Maragos

Fantomex w/ Black Hand

Shatterstar w/ Ion

Green Battery

GOD DAMMIT MIKE KNOCK IT OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


As an aside Jason performed very well in his game but unfortunately had to take a first round 0 point loss as he forgot that the Phoenix Force is not allowed to be assigned to a 25 point Lockjaw. After the end of the first round Jason had a sudden realization and had to point it out the judge. He was then stuck in a rough spot where he had to hope his opponents were bringing some characters from off the board, but to no avail. He managed to place 5th, just outside of the single elimination bracket.

Next time he’ll know.

Overall it was a great time and a special thanks goes out to Ryan and Jane at Comic Book Addiction for running one heck of a tournament.

Married with Clix at the Comic Warehouse – Win-A-Map #2


Once again the Married with Clix crew had the pleasure of running another Win-A-Map event, with part of the prizing leading to the Ontario Provincials at 401 Games.





After 3 rounds of Swiss we were left with 8 teams some established with little twists, others, more brave than the rest. So without further adieu, the top 8 teams were:

#1 Ryan Bell

Blind Al x2

Greed W/ Ophidian & Omega Drive

Highfather w/ Greed relic

Green Power battery

Sideline – Takion x2 & all Constructs

#2 Spencer Cowling

Doop w/ Ion & Gluttony relic

Gluttony w/ Prostelyte

Indigo Battery

Sideline: All Constructs

#3 Trevor Vessair

Zombie Super Skrull w/ Ophidian

Brother Voodoo

Orange Power Battery

Sideline: All Constructs

#4 Mike Payne

Kyle Rayner w/ Ophidian & Shield

Atomica w/ Ion

Orange Power Battery

Sideline: All Constructs

#5 Josh Benham


Fantomex w/ Parralax

Black Talon w/ Entity

Yellow Power Battery

Sideline: All Constructs

#6 Aden Pilon

The Question (flash chase) w/ Prostelyte

Doctor Fate


Indigo Power Battery

Sideline: All Constructs

#7 Patrick Chow

Thor (Age of Ultron starter) w/ Ophidian

Cat w/ Ion

Green Power Battery

Sideline: All Constructs

#8 Rory Ruud

Hulk (Age of Ultron Starter) w/ Secret Avengers ATA


Book of Skulls w/ 6 hammers

We Look forward to seeing everyone at the next stop en route to Provincials at Comic Book Addiction (1022 Brock St. South in Whitby) on Sunday June 7th 2015!

The Road to Windsor is a Winding Road


As the series of feeder tournaments to the Windsor ROC continue, Jason had a chance to compete in 2 more events since the initial tournament at the Comic Warehouse.

The day after (February 22nd) Jason travelled to Whitby, Ontario top arrive at Comic Book Addiction at 1022 Brock St. S.

A little tired from the Comic Warehouse and the trip, Jason

Jason faced the initial 3 swiss rounds in this event with 14 people in attendance, and was not successful at all as dice would forsake him for fundamental rolls that involved many careless risks allowing his opponents to capitalize and destroy him. After the cuts to swiss we saw 4 combatants enter strong and when the smoke settled, the top 4 looked like this


From left to right (Kevin (last name unknown), Mike Anderson, Dan Upham, Patrick Chow)

1st – Dan Upham

SLOSH – Gates – 60pts
WOL – Despotellis – 30pts
FLASH – Engineer – 90pts
FLASH – Harley Quinn – 65pts
GOTG – Gamora – 55pts

2nd – Mike Anderson

FI – Red She-Hulk – 119pts
M10 – Dark Phoenix – 100pts
ASM – Brother Voodoo -79pts

3rd – Patrick Chow

FLASH – Captain Cold – 100pts
M10 – Dark Phoenix – 100pts
GOTG – Proxima Midnight -100pts

4th – Kevin (last name unknown)

WKM – Gladiator – 150pts
TWGF – Lex Luthor – 100pts
FLASH – Turtle – 50pts


Rory once again, stands triumphant

With some lessons learned but originality tossed to the curb, Jason went on the next Saturday Feb 28th to Black Knight Games at 868 Mohawk Rd E in Hamilton. A much smaller attendance which was unfortunate as Black Knight Games is a beautiful venue housing a fantastic play space. The venue played a round robin with Comic Warehouse’s winner Rory Ruud,once again taking the top spot.

1st – Rory Ruud

WATX – Magneto – 65pts
WATX – Shatterstar – 73pts
DP – Black Talon – 60pts
DP – Blind Al – 13pts
ASM – Brother Voodoo -79pts

2nd – Jason Collins
SLOSH – Gates – 60pts
WOL – Despotellis – 30pts
FLASH – Engineer – 90pts
FLASH – Harley Quinn – 65pts
GOTG – Gamora – 55pts

3rd – Jacob Ritums
WOL – Kyle Rayner w/ Wall 190pts
SOG – Autopilot Batcycle – 25pts
FLASH – Turtle 50pts
WOL – Despotellis – 30pts

4th – Eric Fisher
TOS – Green Arrow – 135pts
FI – Loki – 30pts
SLOSH – Bizarro – 100pts
DP – Weasel – 27pts

Congrats to the winners so far and good luck to those playing Wednesday at the Wizard’s Cache at 33 Bloor St West in Toronto for that last second grinder for free entry and that last chance to give your team with Trinity War figures a try.

Married with Clix Win-A-Map a first showing for the ROC in the GTA


In our first event at the Comic Warehouse in Brampton, Amber and Jason took it upon themselves to run an ROC Win-A-Map tournament to serve as a feeder event for the ROC Eastern Canada Super Qualifier.

First place in addition to the standard Win-A-Map prizes, Winner received free entry into the ROC in Windsor and a few extras courtesy of Jason and Amber. The weather was somewhat rough, but are you really going to stop us from braving the snow to heroclix?


Action from the early rounds!

23 people braved the snow to test their chops with their ideas for teams to play in the Super Qualifier. After 3 rounds of Swiss pairings, we cut to the top 8 of the tournament so without further adieu

8th Place 

Kyle Thomas

Kyle Rayner w/ Nurse – 190pts

Banshee – 98pts

Total – 288pts

7th Place

Michael Bentley

Highfather – 130pts

Hope Summers – 75pts

Turtle – 50pts

Moira MacTaggary – 28pts

Blind Al – 13pts

Total – 296pts

6th Place

Demetrius Maragos

Superboy – 100pts

Banshee – 98pts

Maximus – 75pts

Weasel – 27pts

Total – 300pts

5th Place

Jordan Sheffer

Question(con exclusive) – 100pts

Banshee – 98pts

Weasel – 27pts

Blind Al – 13pts

Despotellis – 30pts

Batcycle (autopilot) – 25pts

Total – 293pts


The top 4 from left to right Trevor Vessair, Aden Pilon, Dan Upham, Rory Ruud

4th Place

Aden Pilon

Question (flash chase) – 100pts

Harley Quinn – 65pts

Dr. Fate – 100pts

S.T.A.R. Labs Technician – 33pts

Total 298pts

3rd Place

Dan Upham

Engineer – 90pts

Harley Quinn – 65pts

Gates – 60pts

Gamora – 55pts

Despotellis – 30pts

Total 300pts

2nd Place

Trevor Vessair

Zombie Super Skrull – 170pts

Brother Voodoo – 79pts

S.T.A.R. Labs Technician – 33pts

Blind Al – 13pts

Total – 296pts

1st Place

Rory Ruud

Dr. Strange – 90pts

Captain Marvel – 82pts

Despotellis – 30pts

Bill Agent of A.I.M. – 30pts

Blind Al – 13pts

Harley Quinn – 50pts

Total – 295pts


Rory Ruud winner of the the First ROC Win-A-Map at the Comic Warehouse, GOD DAMMIT MIKE PAYNE STOP PHOTO BOMBING ALL OUR WINNER PICS!!!!!!


Rory’s team pictured next to some of his prizing!

We would to take a chance to thank the Comic Warehouse for providing a wonderful friendly venue for the event as well as for staying open just a little extra to accommodate the event, and to all the players who came out to play. We’ve had a great positive response from all the players who came out.

Let’s take a second to go see some pics from the tournament


Action from the intense Top 8 matches


What are those old packs that are being opened????


Indy Clix Battle Royale????? MADNESS!!!!!

Didn't make the top 8? What do you do? PRACTICE MORE!

Didn’t make the top 8? What do you do? PRACTICE MORE!


Jason’s friend Chris (a regular at the Married with Clix table game), dropped by for a visit!


A Dice Masters game broke out even!


Action in the second round of Swiss


Top 4 revving up!


Swiss Round 3!

Of course never forget to check out the Comic Warehouse at 20 Strathearn Avenue in Brampton. A great place to play Heroclix every Saturday at 1:00pm!

Because This Needs To Happen


The Card Game We Need, Not The Card Game We Deserve . . . ?

heroclix black 1heroclix white 1

For those unfamiliar with the game, Cards Against Humanity is a card game for 2 – 20 players (really it’s how many you want it to be) and consists of two decks of cards, one black, one white. The ‘Main Deck’ of black cards contain questions or fill in the blank suggestions while players use a hand drawn from the second white deck to answer these questions and fill in these blanks in the most ridiculous ways. It’s like Mad Libs for the morally corrupt. Seriously though, if you haven’t checked out the game you really should – Cards Against Humanity.

One of the great things about this card game is being able to create your own cards for it. The internet is filled with fan made cards for nearly every fandom out there (I’m not joking, google it sometime) So I figured why not make some for our fandom? There’s only 18 cards above. The starter deck of the game came with 460 white cards and 90 black cards. So I’m calling on you guys to help create a hilariously awesome set of Cards Against Humanity Heroclix.

The Madness!



“May the Rats eat your eyes! The Darkness Comes!”


One of the prizes in this Month’s Deadpool Organized Play kit is the Straight Jacket Relic and I have completely fallen in love with it. Ever since the card was leaked earlier this week I have been playing around in my head a fun Scenario utilizing this new game piece. It has gotten a lot of positive responses from our local gaming community and so I’m now sharing it here for everyone to enjoy.


Delirium – Straight Jacket Tag Scenario

Story: A powerful madness is sweeping through the land causing Superheroes and Villains alike to lose their minds threatening to take them over completely and render them useless and unable to continue the fight. No one knows where the madness has come from and no one knows how to stop it. The only way they know of to rid themselves this madness is to pass it on to someone else. Will they be able to last long enough to pass the madness on or will they be completely consumed?

Build: 400 points Golden Age Constructed no Tactics (Relics, Resources, Feats, Battlefield Conditions). No Team Bases – due to the nature of the scenario you need individual characters.

Set Up: Before the game starts each player will be given DP S101 3D Object – Straight Jacket. This relic does not count towards your object total or towards your team build. Characters that would normally have an effect on relics (i.e. M10th Iron Man, DC10th Catwoman, SLOSH Chases etc.) do not affect the Straight Jacket. At the beginning of the game before any other effects are activated the Straight Jacket is automatically assigned to your team’s lowest point character.

Goal: Survive the madness and defeat your opponent.

Gameplay – Spreading the Madness: Characters assigned the Straight Jacket are subject to it’s effects as normal. Characters may only be assigned 1 Straight Jacket at a time, Straight Jackets may not be given to your own characters through an attack (even if that character has a special power that allows them to attack friendly characters)

DPS101 Straight Jacket:

This character can not make Ranged Attacks and deals no damage when making a Close Combat Attack. When this character hits with an attack place this relic on the hit character’s card.

At the end of your turn each of your characters assigned the Straight Jacket are given a madness token. If they already have two madness tokens they may not be given a third and that character is removed from the game and the Straight Jacket is placed in the square they last occupied.

At the beginning of your turn, roll a D6 for each character that is within 8 squares of a Straight Jacket. On the result of 1-3 that character is assigned the Straight Jacket. If the Straight Jacket is assigned before you’ve rolled for each character, stop rolling.

Game End: The game ends when all of your opponent’s characters have either been KO’d or removed from the map due to Madness Tokens. Players score full points for each character KO’d and half points for each taken over by madness.