Trinity War – Blue Devil Figure Review


~ Amber

Justice League Dark is all over these previews, and it’s starting to get a little blue.

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The Sculpt

Even though this version of Blue Devil is definitely of the redesign featured in the Nu52 he’s very reminiscent of the first time we ever saw him in Collateral Damage. He’s got his staff out and in a good fighting stance that makes him look ready for whatever gets thrown at him. The last time we saw him he was perched on top of one of those hideous flight stands and though he doesn’t fly this time around it reminds me of just how happy I am that those stands are gone.

The Dial

Blue Devil is 135pts for 7 clicks of health, 6 Range with two Targets, the Mystics Team Ability and the named keywords Justice League Dark and Shadowpact with the generic keywords Monster and Mystical. He has two traits, Demon Hunter and Supernatural Exorcism. The first trait allows adjacent friendly characters and friendly characters with the Justice League Dark keyword to ignore the Mystics Team Ability. This allows Blue Devil to ignore it as well as he is considered friendly to himself and is a character that has the JLD keyword. His second trait is Blue Devil’s biggest draw. When an opposing character is damaged by Blue Devil and a “Stop Click” is revealed, after actions resolve deal that character 2 unavoidable damage. The most important things to keep in mind is that this works each time Blue Devil damages a character and their stop click is revealed. This doesn’t have to come from an attack, which means this will activate with both Poison (should he gain it somehow) and his Mystics Team Ability. The other thing to keep in mind is that there has to have been an action to resolve for the 2 unavoidable to be dealt. This means that his power isn’t going to go off again if another Stop Click is revealed after the unavoidable damage is dealt – so he won’t be one shotting Sodom Yat (trust me, I checked)

On the top of his dial Blue Devil has 9 Movement with Running Shot, 11 Attack with Hellfire, 17 Defense with Invulnerable and 3 Damage. The Hellfire ability allows him to use Penetrating/Psychic Blast and Energy Explosion, and yes, these two powers do work in conjunction with each other to make for a deadly combo (Penetrating Splash Damage anyone?) As his dial turns his stats stay decent with the biggest drop being in his Movement as he ends his dial at a 7. His attack only goes as far as 9 but his Defense goes as low as 15 (though with Energy Shield/Deflection that is a potential 17) and his Damage drops to a 2 but stays steady. His second click is much like his first though his Invulnerability turns to Toughness. The next three clicks sees his Running Shot turn to Leap/Climb and his Hellfire to Super Strength. He keeps his Toughness and gains Probability Control. His final two clicks he regains Running Shot and Hellfire while picking up Energy Shield/Deflection.

Overall he makes for a good Secondary Attacker or possibly a Primary one depending on the format. He’s great on a Justice League Dark theme team though can fit well into a Monster or Mystical team. His biggest impact on the Meta game may just be his existence, a throw back to Jason’s recent Meta Lab episode where he spoke about how a character’s mere existence can alter the Meta. He may become a go to piece in a Meta game prevalent with Kyle Rayners.


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