Trinity War – Doctor Light (a and b) Figure Preview


~ Amber

Our next Trinity War Preview gives us a look at the first previewed Prime for the set – Arthur Light aka Doctor Light. This is also one of those rare times when the a and b of the Prime set are actually the same person (outside War of Light, War of Light doesn’t count) The main version appears to be Arthur while working with the Justice League of America whereas his Prime is the concentrated light form of him after his apparent death that appears in Forever Evil.

Courtesy of

The Sculpt

Doctor Light seems to be one of the few DC characters who’s costume didn’t get a major overall during Nu52 just a bit of modernization and this is the first time we’re seeing this version of his costume in Clix form. This is actually a really nice model of him, his hand in the air showing some use of his powers while his cape billows behind him.

The Dial

Doctor Light is 56pts of awesome support, giving more evidence to Jason’s theory that we’re seeing a resurgence of the Pit Crew. Sporting a 7 Range and Improved Targeting: Ignores Hindering, Doctor Light has the named keywords A.R.G.U.S and Justice League of America as well as the generic Scientist keyword.

There’s not too much to his dial at only 5 clicks of health and no traits or Special Powers but that just places him nicely into the support category. While he’s best utilized for his enhancement he can still get a few good hits in with his Penetrating/Psychic Blast, though that 9 Attack does leave something to be desired these days. By his third click he’s traded in his Penetrating/Psychic Blast for a combo of Running Shot and Pulse wave and click 4 and 5 his Energy Shield/Deflection and Enhancement become Regeneration and Shape Change.

Overall not a bad little Clix. He’s great support to other Ranged Attackers and gets a little offensive himself when he picks up his Running Shot/Pulse Wave combo. He’s also got that late dial regeneration to keep him in the game a little longer.

Now let’s move onto his Prime.

Courtesy of

The Sculpt

Much like any Prime, this is the same figure model as the A version of Doctor Light. However this version is made solely of translucent plastic giving him the look of being made of concentrated light. The pose like the above version is still a nice subtle action pose, showing him using his power. However this version being translucent doesn’t give the full effect of his costume that the painted version does.

The Dial

The Prime version is easily the more powerful of the two, coming in at 108pts for 6 clicks of health with Flight, Improved Movement: Ignores Blocking Terrain and all the same keywords as his regular version. His trait, Bouncing Around the World at Light Speed, gives him a big boost to his Movement. At the beginning of your turn roll a D6 and then replace his speed value with the result plus his printed speed value. There are two very important things to keep in mind when using this trait, the first being that combat values aren’t calculated until they’re used and all replacements happen simultaneously and are made in the order the active player chooses. Why is this important? It gives this Doctor Light the potential of a 19 Movement Running Shot (best case scenario)

On his opening click Doctor Light has a 10 Movement. If you roll a 6 on your beginning of turn D6 his first replacement value becomes 16. Now let’s say your team is also packing some serious Perplex and modify his Movement by +3. Doctor Light takes an action to Running Shot, under the Golden Rule of Replace then Modify we resolve all his replacements first. His Movement will be halved from Running Shot making it a 5, then we replace it again with the number from his trait making it a 16 and finally add in the modifiers to the final result of 19. Then you add in his 8 Range and he has the potential to cover the entire map. Now that’s not to say that we won’t see a clarification or errata on this one but as it stands (and based on the Flash who has a similar trait) this is how it works right now.

Looking at the rest of his dial this Doctor Light is a pretty decent figure. He starts off with 10 Movement Running Shot, 10 Attack Penetrating/Psychic Blast, 17 Defense Super Senses and 2 Damage Shape Change. This click alone gives him two separate chances to shrug off an attack. His stats stay pretty steady and even ramp up for a couples of clicks. By click 3 we see a shift in powers, his Running Shot becomes Phasing/Teleport, his Super Senses becomes Invincible and his Shape Changes turns to Ranged Combat Expert. The click after his Penetrating/Psychic Blast becomes Pulse Wave. On his last two clicks he gets Shape Change back while gaining Reforming Myself for the first time. This Special Power gives him Energy Shield/Deflection and if he had been given a move action that turn he can use Regeneration as a Free Action. Given the fact that he has Phasing/Teleport on that click (along with his boosted Movement from his trait) it should be easy for him to get out of trouble to try and heal back up.

Overall this is a great piece. He’ll do well both in sealed and regular constructed play though I think it may be too early to see what kind of effect he’ll have (if any) on the Meta game – especially if any changes get made to the way his trait and Running Shot work together.


2 thoughts on “Trinity War – Doctor Light (a and b) Figure Preview

  1. Currsahw

    Im not sure if doctor light prime would have a running shot of 19. If you read his trait it says “replace” which is different than modifying. So the number that you would half for running shot would be the value from the trait, his printed speed value plus the roll, so in the case you mentioned above if a 6 was rolled he would have a 16 movement, halved to 8, then plus 3 from perplex, making the highest possible value an 11 running shot.

    • At the moment based on how replacement values and calculating combat values work in the game, this is currently how it works. However I’m looking into it to see if the rules team decides that this trait doesn’t work with the current rules set and the replacement happens at a time other than when it would normally occur.

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